Mr. M. D. Carvajal, the Director of the DOJ-FBOP, has ordered inmates confined to quarters, for nearly 2 months, a policy which continues to this day. It turns out, however, that confinement to quarters is DRASTICALLY more dangerous to the lives and health of inmates. In fact, a conversation held indoors is 18 TIMES more likely to facilitate transmission of COVID-19 than the same conversation outdoors. This blog post is made with the hope of providing Mr. Carvajal with information sufficient to persuade him to promptly and thoroughly change his dangerous and counterproductive policy. (more…)

The government quite predictably claims that Oscar Stilley has failed to exhaust administrative remedies, in his lawsuit in the US District Court in Jackson, Mississippi. They have filed a motion to dismiss, and I have responded. I have also filed a motion for an order compelling the government to allow me reasonable access to the courts, so that I can file the one direct appeal to which I’m entitled. I have also filed a consolidated brief, since the government’s motion and my motion involve mostly intertwined issues.


Certain federal employees at FCC Yazoo City misused a federally regulated chemical to chase a dog down and run over it with a truck. This violates federal law, and probably violates state law as well. However, my preference would be to extend an offer of forgiveness and redemption to those involved. If they get a chance to do “make-up,” by showing consideration of animals and the environment, yet spurn the offer, further options can be explored. (more…)

Oscar Stilley got fired from his job. He was once again just a bit too free about sharing his opinions. (more…)

I’ve decided to post some animal stories to the blog. They aren’t meant to be serious reading, but they might drift in that direction from time to time. This time the story is (mostly) about a raccoon who takes the food, growls, and eats it on the spot. I hope you like it. (more…)

The DOJ-FBOP has proposed a rule that would prohibit any inmate to ask another inmate for court papers, for any reason, however salutary. This is a plain assault on the 1st Amendment right of peaceful petition. I commented in opposition. Feel free to use all or part of my comment as your own comment. Comments may be posted at through 1-21-20. To read the post/comment, (more…)

I went to SHU (Special Housing Unit, or jail for the prison) from 12-6-19 to 12-12-19. I refused the first 13 meals. When I was told that I would get out of SHU the next day, I ate. What I did amounts to a “hack” of my body. I thought you might like to read about the hack.

OK, you probably also want to know the details about my latest dust-up with the DOJ-FBOP. It has to do with the theft of a couple of my Ibico combs, and my peaceful petition pursuant to the 1st Amendment. I’ve had a lot of grief over some fairly simple pieces of black plastic. :-) Arguably I’ve also had a lot of grief because I haven’t learned, over a period of nearly 10 years of confinement, to SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND JUST TAKE IT!!! :-):-):-) Then again, its my life, and I’m gonna live it.

I’ve also included a sample letter/message, for anyone interested in asking the DOJ-FBOP and/or its legal counsel, for their side of the story. (more…)

The 8th Circuit granted a summary affirmance in Stilley v. United States et al, 8th Circuit Appeal No. 18-2188. Stilley has filed a petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc. The 8th Circuit does not give enough information for the reader to even understand the nature of the case and controversy. However limited the readership of this blog, it is almost certainly more than Stilley will get from the 8th Circuit’s online decision.

The point of this exercise goes far beyond hope of legal success. The government has committed the most flagrant and willful violation of due process, in order to cover up 9 years of hard work in support of honest educational opportunity and honest access to the courts for federal prison inmates. Indeed, educational tools are dual-use technology. The same equipment that enables effective education enables (at least in large part) effective access to the courts.

A dozen “shots,” (formal disciplinary incident reports) 400 days in SHU (Special Housing Unit, or jail for the prison) mountains of peaceful petition, and 2,899 pages of discovery, mostly medical records of the hunger strikes, all tell a story and paint a picture. The government, District Court Brian Miller, and the 8th Circuit panel judges James B. Loken, Raymond W. Gruender III, and (first name unknown) Kobes, have all gone to extremes to keep that story from being told and the picture away from the public eye. This blog post is written in the hope that their suppression of the story will fail, whether sooner or later. (more…)

Congress in the First Step Act of 2018 made clear its intent to give federal prison inmates 54 days of Good Conduct Time (GCT) for every year OF SENTENCE. The DOJ-FBOP has decided that it doesn’t have to effectuate this Congressional enactment for up to 7 months.

Some federal inmates will have to sit in prison – illegally detained – while their child graduates high school or college. This blog post takes the position that this decision was economic only, motivated by greed and avarice. Therefore, the best way to respond is with economic sanctions. The DOJ-FBOP feigns inability to mitigate its overcrowding problem, all while using strained logic to keep inmates as long as they possibly can.

If money is the issue, don’t reward bad behavior. Don’t forget or forgive the evil deeds of the DOJ-FBOP. Make the government pay civil damages for false imprisonment, for everyone that they “hold over” beyond the end of their sentence. Read the BLOG POST.

I’ve sent another letter to the ACA regarding the upcoming inspection of FCC Yazoo City. Basically, FCC Yazoo City Low is blowing off comments from the inmates, concerning violations of ACA Standards and Expected Practices. At the very least there appears to be little appetite for discussing any shortcomings in time to remediate PRIOR to the inspection.

The new letter asks the ACA to put FCC Yazoo City on probation, and to restrict them from receiving additional inmates until the compound honestly and fairly meets ACA Standards and Expected Practices. Delay has been granted, but FCC Yazoo City, seeing no reason for urgency, has chosen to squander the time. I hope you will make your voice heard, in favor of some modicum of honesty and effectiveness in federal corrections. (more…)