On 04/19/17, I placed four administrative remedy requests into the mail to South Central Regional Office; see attached.

Blog Post-Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

1_Regional Repeal of Remedy 897724

2_Sensitive BP10 Requesting Administrative Remedy

3_Regional Repeal of 305 Incident Report 2949238

4_Regional Repeal of Remedy 897721

Oscar Stilley is in SHU again on hunger strike since 02/02/17. He lost Trulincs for activities that the Captain (Mr. Rex) conceded on behalf of other senior personnel to be Stilley’s legal right. He refuses to quit the hunger strike until his Constitutional rights cease to be illusory only. (more…)

Oscar Stilley has filed a Petition for Clemency, Pardon, etc., a copy of which is made available from this blog post.  This Petition assigns reasons applicable to the federal prison population generally, as well as personal reasons.  He does not admit guilt or beg for mercy.  Rather, he denies all guilt and assigns the denial of due process as just one of many reasons to grant clemency or pardon.

In addition to the Petition for Clemency, a cop-out (written request to staff) concerning food has also been attached.  The precipitating event was the seizure of his french fries by prison staff, forcing him to throw away his food.  However, Stilley took the opportunity to address broader issues with respect to food in federal prisons. (more…)

After a 2 month suspension I am back on Trulincs. I have decided to offer one of my kidneys to someone who needs a kidney. There are some strings attached, but I think you’ll like the strings. I can save the taxpayers millions of dollars at the same time I provide someone with a new leash on life, through a donated kidney. (more…)

This post addresses 4 issues. First, Oscar Stilley has a pending lawsuit raising federal tort claim, FOIA, and declaratory judgment counts. The government has moved to dismiss. Stilley filed a cross motion for partial summary judgment as to Counts 11 and 13. These motions are now fully briefed. Second, the DOJ-FBOP has cut Stilley off from virtually all visitors. Stilley explains his position with respect to that issue. Third, Stilley has been threatened with SHU and other discipline for small group worship on Sabbath day. Fourth, Stilley is trying yet again to get an opportunity to save the taxpayers money by reducing the incidence and cost of kidney stones, gallbladder problems, and other maladies heavily influenced by lifestyle. Read the post (more…)

Oscar Stilley promised in an earlier post to litigate and he did it. The retaliation has started. He’s had two frivolous incident reports. He spent 30 days in SHU (Special Housing Unit–“the hole”) on hunger strike ending 08/20/15. Back in SHU on 09/10/15, he is again on hunger strike. His response: He wants your help to improve literacy in federal prison. (more…)

I’m just incredibly late, and have no excuse, but I’ve finally finished the blog post explaining what I am doing with respect to Tort Claim litigation against the DOJ-FBOP.  I’ve commenced a litigation project with the purpose of cleaning up the corruption, abuse, and neglect of federal inmates with medical and dental needs.

I’m inviting others to help.  Don’t do it unless you consider it an opportunity.  If it’s a burden, I’m telling you flatly not to do it – I don’t want it.  I have a decent start on a string of lawsuits, and I think I can maintain a respectable stream of new court filings.

I’m trying to get similar strings of litigation going in other federal prisons.  I want a contest with the inmates in other institutions.  There’s nothing like friendly competition, to maximize outcomes.

I appreciate your interest.  Read the blog post… (more…)