This blog post consists primarily of a letter to the ACA (American Correctional Association) asking for some help to correct violations of the ACA Standards and Expected Practices at the FTC-OKC (Oklahoma City Transfer Center). The focus is on getting violations corrected FIRST, and awarding accreditation LATER, after it is honestly earned. The letter contains a phone number and 2 email addresses for the convenience of persons who want to help. (more…)


Stilley has prepared and submitted to the American Correctional Association (ACA) a set of comments concerning their upcoming ACA inspection of Beaumont FCC on January 9-11, 2018, plus a cover letter. In addition, Stilley is providing a draft for a letter to Mark Inch, Director of the DOJ-FBOP. Mr. Inch is a former US military general, which provides opportunities as well as challenges. The letter to Mr. Inch is designed to allow any interested party to download it, edit the text to suit their own purposes, and email or mail it to Mr. Inch, or other proper authorities. Read the blog post here (more…)

This post consists of an argument in favor of letting the taxpayers donate computers to the DOJ-FBOP, for the educational use and benefit of the taxpayers. However, the post argues that the inmates themselves should be allowed to pay the actual, necessary, and frugal cost of suitable computers and software. The argument is that when the inmates are invested in their own equipment, they will take better care of it. Furthermore, they are more likely to become seriously interested in improving their own education.

Oscar Stilley attaches a letter, which the reader is invited to edit and send to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Stilley asked for permission to donate 3 computers. Rather than a substantive response, he suffered retaliation for making the request. He has quit eating, yet again. He is asking his friends on the street for some help getting a response to his offer, hopefully favorable. Read the blog post HERE (more…)

Oscar Stilley has offered to donate computers, keyboards, etc., to the DOJ-FBOP, for the use of the inmates in FTC Oklahoma City (the Transfer Center). He has also helped other inmates make similar offers. Warden John B. Fox, and his personnel, have responded by attempting to use other inmates to threaten the personal safety of Oscar Stilley. Read the full blog post (more…)

On 04/19/17, I placed four administrative remedy requests into the mail to South Central Regional Office; see attached.

Blog Post-Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

1_Regional Repeal of Remedy 897724

2_Sensitive BP10 Requesting Administrative Remedy

3_Regional Repeal of 305 Incident Report 2949238

4_Regional Repeal of Remedy 897721

Oscar Stilley is in SHU again on hunger strike since 02/02/17. He lost Trulincs for activities that the Captain (Mr. Rex) conceded on behalf of other senior personnel to be Stilley’s legal right. He refuses to quit the hunger strike until his Constitutional rights cease to be illusory only. (more…)

Oscar Stilley has filed a Petition for Clemency, Pardon, etc., a copy of which is made available from this blog post.  This Petition assigns reasons applicable to the federal prison population generally, as well as personal reasons.  He does not admit guilt or beg for mercy.  Rather, he denies all guilt and assigns the denial of due process as just one of many reasons to grant clemency or pardon.

In addition to the Petition for Clemency, a cop-out (written request to staff) concerning food has also been attached.  The precipitating event was the seizure of his french fries by prison staff, forcing him to throw away his food.  However, Stilley took the opportunity to address broader issues with respect to food in federal prisons. (more…)