Dear Editor:

After two years UAFS now finally admits that Judge Marschewski served on UAFS’ political committee known as “Our University” while ruling on property tax litigation involving UAFS and his wife’s employer, Greenwood School District. UAFS suggests that this wasn’t really a big deal since this was only a political committee.

That wasn’t the issue. Marschewski’s name and the title of “Judge” helped UAFS raised $42,000 for political purposes and changed the face of Fort Smith forever. In court, Judge Marschewski claimed no recollection of being on the committee, but promised to look at proof to the contrary. Four times I respectfully offered solid documentary proof, but each time he refused to consider it.

No one has ever claimed that the rules allow Marschewski to sit on UAFS’ committee and judge their litigation at the same time. They just said I could not prove it.

Faced with a choice of stealing client funds and breaching client confidences, or 30 days jail, I chose the latter. UAFS now asks for another jail term, in violation of Arkansas statute §16-10-108 (b)(3) which says that I must be released after 30 days. UAFS asked the judge to deny work release for this jail term, a devastating blow to family and clients. Why?

If UAFS and/or Judge Marschewski admitted their conduct was wrong and offered reasonable corrective action, I would from my heart forgive, with or without a formal apology. But with no admission that they did anything wrong, what is there to forgive?