March 26, Monday

Judge Stephen Tabor is plainly and clearly unhappy with me. He is express that I am not complying, and he doesn’t believe that I will comply. He denies the pleading I submitted concerning client records. I am reminded that I do not seem to take “No” for an answer, and then ordered into confinement until I comply with the order to turn over all financial records. I take a couple minutes to give instructions and property to others.

A female deputy starts to pat me down. Clearly uncomfortable, a male deputy finishes the job. I am handcuffed and escorted to the car. At first I misunderstood who I should stay beside. A sharp command cures that. I always either keep my mouth shut or respond politely.

At the jail I am strip searched. The deputy searches me in places that I would have never thought possible to conceal contraband. I have to ask: how often is this a problem with lawyers coming from court in a business suit?

I get the sorriest excuse for a mattress. It is broken in the middle, lumpy, and only an inch or 2 thick most of its length. My three cellmates all have thick mattresses in good condition.

I am moved to another cell where I am by myself. The lights here dim at night, a big improvement over the “hospital cell” which has the same lighting 24/7.