March 28, Wednesday

I have only one set of underwear and no socks. I am told that more can’t be brought in, that they must be bought from the commissary.
The junky mat was traded in for a nice one. They also trade my too-small pants for large ones with no elastic. They almost fall off but don’t cut off circulation like the small ones.

They have good ones but you can see through mine. I am freezing at night, it gets really bad at about 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.

They have a “one blanket per person” rule, erratically enforced. This causes inmates to use wet toilet paper to cover the vents. The rule is abusive and costly to taxpayers.

I thoroughly cleaned the room. The floor feels great! I used my only briefs and t-shirt to scrub the floor. The stainless steel toilet was a great mopbucket, and later a great clothes washing facility.

My underwear is clean again and back on, dried mostly with body heat. I feel rich compared to yesterday.