March 31, Saturday

I discover that my order for a pillow, comb, deodorants, etc. was never processed. The other order, for treats to pay another inmate for his pillow, was processed and reflected on my commissary account.

The treats, candy, chips, etc. were brought to me in a bag later. The deputy insisted on going down the list and checking everything off, although I said it was no concern of mine what was there.

I asked that the bag of goods be given to the other inmate. “No way,” came the reply. They explained that this was to prevent extortion. I observed that I was an unlikely victim, since I was a lawyer, he was my client and a trustee, and I was out of jail while he was in jail. “Sorry, that’s the rules,” they replied.

Aha, could I please see my client? “Of course not,” came the reply, “as long as you have that bag of goodies.”

I refused the bag even though they said it would just get restocked. I remember another client, reminded that a commissary item was barred by his diet, responded that the food was for another inmate. There was not a word of protest.