It has been a long time since I put anything on the blog.  I didn’t actually put the blogs from my days in jail online.  Someone else did that.  I wrote drafts in jail and sent them out.  The material that was published was similar to what I said but not identical.

My political enemies have attacked viciously from every side.  They have jailed me twice so far this year for a total of 7 weeks, and tried to jail me a third time.  UAFS, by its lawyer Walton Maurras, falsely claimed I missed a $1,000 payment and asked that I be jailed.  When the falsity of the claims became to obvious to ignore, the motion was withdrawn.

Southwest Times Record refused to publish anything about it.  They said it was not a story.  That’s interesting.  When I tried to subpoena certain individuals for depositions, and withdrew the subpoenas, I was accused of a crime, tried by the accuser (Judge Stephen Tabor) convicted and sentenced to 30 days in jail, suspended on conditions.  SWTR thought that was a BIG story.  When UAFS filed a frivolous pleading and withdrew it, not a word was said by Judge Tabor or SWTR.

The assaults on my license to practice law in Arkansas continue.   The Arkansas Supreme Court refuses to recuse from the accusations that it made about 5 years ago, suggesting that I had used “strident” language in a brief.  Prior to my case the Arkansas Supreme Court had never punished a lawyer for language in a brief, unless it was disrespectful to the court below (the circuit court judge).

The Arkansas Supreme Court not only judged their own accusation, they also usurped the role of the chair of the panel of the Committee on Professional Conduct hearing the case.  I briefed this issue.   The Supreme Court refused to even acknowledge the existence of the legal provision that prohibited them from usurping the role of the chair of the panel. 

Amazing conduct, this is.  Hard to believe but true.   By the way, I think I could win most of my cases if I got to serve as the complaining party and the judge from start to finish. 

Oscar Stilley