Oscar:    I know you paid a terrible price for liberty.  How can I possibly express my gratitude?

Soldier:    Hang on to the liberty we bequeathed you.  Don’t lose it.  On a good day you might add to liberty, but don’t lose it.

Oscar:     I totally understand.   I just feel trapped, pinned down.  The government suspended my law license for pretended offenses two years ago.  For longer than that, the government has scorched the earth on me, and on Lindsey Springer as well.  Now, facing the fight of my life, I just don’t have the material resources to do a creditable job.

Soldier:    Jesus fed 5,0000 men plus women and children on a resource base that was by all appearances absurdly inadequate.  Do you remember what he asked his disciples?

Oscar:    Sure.  He asked them what they had.

Soldier:    Friend, the words of the Almighty were transmitted to us very sparingly.  Given the state of the art of book making at the time, there really wasn’t any other option.  But He made His words count.   Learn as much as we can from those words.  So you tell me what you have.

Oscar:    I’ve drafted briefs on the subject from time to time.   I’ve practiced in federal criminal defense area of law for a long time.

Soldier:     Just a second, let’s think about this.  Why did people hire you as a lawyer?

Oscar:    Because I would advocate their position.  I listened to them and made the arguments they wanted made, as opposed to what I might have wanted to make.

Soldier:    You made your living doing this, didn’t you?

Oscar:    Sure.  I made a decent living, actually a good living at it until I lost my license.

Soldier:     Right now you have a straight shot at a decision on the merits of the PRA, right?

Oscar:    That I do.

Soldier:    What percentage of the people you represented wanted this issue litigated?

Oscar:    Everyone that had any colorable basis for the argument in their case.  The PRA one of the stronger arguments out there.   The government is afraid of it.

Soldier:    After all these years of fighting, do you think these people want to see you fail for the lack of funds or basic resources?

Oscar:    Of course not.  But the government bullied and intimidated and threatened   Lindsey Springer’s major contributors.  They’re afraid to contribute.

Soldier:    When I was at Valley Forge, there were farmers that brought us food.  Do you have any idea what would have happened to them if the Redcoats caught them?
Oscar:    Ben Franklin said that you would all need to hang together lest you all hang separately.

Soldier:    It wasn’t just a figure of speech.  Even in our own constitution, we said “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

That being said, what sort of appellation do you think might have been affixed to the farmers who brought us food?

Oscar:    Traitors.   That would be treason by definition, I suppose.  And that would generally call for a death sentence.

Soldier:    Do you think that someone who contributed to your defense might be sentenced to death?

Oscar:    Of course not.   In fact that’s their legal right.  The government has just made people nervous about it by throwing their weight around.

Soldier:    Then ask.  The apostle James said that you have not because you ask not, or else because you merely want to consume it on your own selfish desires.   Swallow your pride, ask for help.  You will do no one a favor if you stagger and fall for the lack of resources.  You’ve gotten some donations, right?

Oscar:    Certainly.
To be continued.