Yes, I know this is pathetically late, and for that I am really sorry.  I filed my brief and addendum on the deadline fixed by the final extension, on 3-1-2010.  I pushed it to the very limit and barely got to FedEx on time.  It seemed that everything that could go wrong did.  My printer cartridge died and I had fits getting a good one to work for me.  Thankfully I now have a first class good one for the Laserjet 5si, and a backup that is tolerable in an emergency. 

If you want to see the brief you can get it at  I am not saying you should, but you are welcome to look at it if you like.   If you want the addendum, which by comparison makes the brief look short and concise, you’re welcome to that too.  

If you want the docket take a look at 08-73.   Petitioner Stark Ligon’s brief is due 5-15-10.

Succinctly, my arguments are as follows.  1)  Petitioner Stark Ligon, Executive Director of the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct, cited no evidence from the record, either testimony or documentary, that supported any of his 32 counts.  Yes, that means that he went count by count for 32 counts without citing to the official record.  On meaningless drivel not alleged as actual violations of the rules of professional conduct, he had a field day and cited to the record repeatedly.  He just had nothing as to the actual accusations, despite a direct order from Special Judge John Lineberger that he cite to the record to establish what he had proven.

2) I could not get rulings on my legal issues.  Lineberger just evaded the issues.  This was not the first time I had to deal with that by any means.  The panel of the Committee on Professional Conduct that first referred me for disbarment refused, point blank, to consider my legal arguments.  The second referring panel received no evidence whatsoever, good or bad.  Ligon complained about me making a motion before evidence was entered.  I then objected to his evidence and left him with not so much as a snippet of evidence in his case, of any kind.  I was referred for disbarment anyway, which might be somewhat instructive about the political winds in Arkansas.

3)  Lastly, I could not get depositions of my accusers despite the fact that case law says it is my absolute right.  I find that rather brazen and amazing.  Of course if no evidence is entered I have no duty to put forth any of my own.  However, it is morally and legally wrong to effectively treat accusations as evidence and prevent me from deposing (obtaining testimony under oath from) my accusers solely because they are politically well connected judges.   

Sentencing starts in 2 days, on the 21st of April, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I hope to report on the results in a timely manner, but if you see nothing here take a look at