This blog post is a memorial to a Native American named Yellow Bear (Verlyn Drapeaux). We might be forgiven for killing so many Native Americans with the European diseases we brought to this continent, since that was mostly accidental. Killing off the buffalo to deprive the Native Americans of sustenance is harder to excuse.

Yellow Bear told me that the black mold in this prison was devastating his health, and asked me to help him juice fast. This post consists entirely of an unedited request by Yellow Bear for the prison to accommodate him in this endeavor. He submitted the request on or shortly after 8-25-2010. As far as I know he never got a response. I was shocked and grieved to learn, on 9-27-2010, that Yellow Bear had died some days before. My understanding is that he died at a medical facility in Kentucky.

I perceived Yellow Bear as a mild mannered, soft spoken, gentlemanly individual. He knew he was sick and needed help, but he never told me that he expected to die soon, or that he thought this was his last illness.


My name is Verlyn Drapeaux, 04499-073 of Helena-A. I have obtained the assistance of Oscar Stilley, (Stilley) which you can plainly see by the header on this document, for purposes of this request.

Due to mold and other unhealthy conditions in the dormitories I have suffered serious injuries. The damage is principally to my lungs, but other organs and bodily functions have also been impaired. I have been designated to a medical facility for treatment, but no date for departure has been set.

I would much prefer to let my body repair and defend itself with a juice fast. This would at least mitigate the damage and injury done. I will credit the government for any mitigation that is obtained. If the improvement is sufficient, I won’t even file a tort claim at all. If sufficient improvement is had, the government might also be spared the cost of the move and treatment. I cannot guarantee that, but surely it would be worth a try.

Health care is a big component of federal spending. In this day of large federal deficits, anything with the potential to materially lighten the burden on the federal treasury (and the people liable to replenish it, which includes me and you) ought to be seriously explored. If it works for me, perhaps it will work for other people.

I’m more than happy to let you see my prison medical records in support of this request. Furthermore, out of scientific curiousity, I think we ought to record my blood pressure and perhaps other common medical parameters related to health, before, during, and after the fast. Stilley says the juice fasting with raw fruits and vegetables provides substantial, measurable benefits. If that’s the case, it should be provable.

Stilley has offered not only to help me with this request, but also to help me do the juice fast. Stilley works in the dishroom and can retrieve apples and oranges from discarded food, whereby sufficient juice can be produced to juice fast.

Stilley recommends a Juice Fountain Plus. He has one at home, or I would be happy to get a new or used one myself and get it sent here.

If you are uncomfortable with salvaged fruit, I would pay the full cost of fruits and vegetables necessary to provide sufficient juice. I am willing to get the juice in chow hall and consume it there. The probable amount needed is perhaps a bit over a quart three times a day, give or take.

I would prefer to also have some carrot and watermelon juice if possible. Carrot juice has a lot of healing nutrients. Watermelon is high in potassium, which is also key to the body’s efforts to clean and repair itself. I would pay the cost of these items to get the juice.

Furthermore, the carrot pulp makes the most delightful carrot cake. Stilley would be happy to make it for you. I’d pay for the carrots and give you the pulp to make carrot cake if you were amenable to the idea. Stilley, who empties breakfast and lunch trays into the trash cans, says that sometimes three fourths of the cake is thrown away. Food that isn’t eaten is no bargain at any price. Carrot cake is a great way to get people to eat vegetables and count it as a treat.

Fasting is a recognized component of just about every religious tradition, including my own. I likewise request on grounds of religious reasons.

At the present time Stilley works morning shift Thursday – Monday in the dishroom. If you want to talk to him, he’s conveniently available there. You are more than welcome to summon me as well, if you so desire.

Thank you very kindly for considering this request.

Verlyn Drapeaux