I started a project of writing what amounts to an expanded diary of my juice fasting experiences. I didn’t get the document finished before prison, so I simply had to cut the document off at a suitable point so as to have reasonable coherence. The document amounts to about 35 pages in WordPerfect. I hope you find this information interesting; for me it was a life saver.


By Oscar Stilley, April 19, 2010
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I don‵t have any particular expertise with respect to fasting. Actually,
that‵s probably the best thing I have to offer you. Eight months ago I didn‵t
know any more than you do right now, and maybe a lot less, depending on
how much you know now.

Actually, that‵s not the half of it. It‵s worse. I knew what wasn‵t so.

At least I came by it honestly. About 15 years ago I decided to fast for
three days. I consumed nothing but water for three days.

The only reason I did the whole three days was stubborn, bullheaded,
strong willed persistence, to a fault. I had no understanding of the
physiological changes going on in my body. At the end of the three days I
concluded fasting was a near death experience for me. Fasting was great for
prophets and for Jesus, but not Oscar!

Dr. Jeff Crawford 1, preached a sermon on August 16, 2009, on fasting.
Amongst other things he suggested juice fasting as a way to get started. I
had always considered juice fasting to be a ‟sissy‶ fast, not that I was into
‟real‶ fasting. It just didn‵t seem quite fair, to ‟fast‶ and at the same time
drink delicious fruit and vegetable juices!

Jeff did hit it right on the timing. I had suffered with allergies since my
late 20s. Nothing seemed to do more than ameliorate the situation.
Certainly no one offered the hope of a cure. I did five years (more or less) of
shots designed to desensitize me to my allergens, chief of which were ragweed
and dust mites. Everything was geared toward control. I would certainly die
with my allergies, maybe even of my allergies. That was the conventional
wisdom, and no one wanted to buck it.

At the time, my allergies were so severe that when the ragweed count
reached ‟very high‶ I could not get relief, even with a full dose of my favorite
brand of liver killer. A full dose of Nyquil left my sinuses locked up tight as a
drum all night long. What was the point?

I didn‵t research or study. I was desperate. No, it wasn‵t for religious
reasons, not in the slightest. I just happened to get the tip in church, that‵s
all. I decided to fast three days. Keep your seat, I‵ll give you an account of
the experience, but right now I have a disclaimer or two.


I have promised an account of my fasting experiences to a number of
people. After intolerable delay, the document is ready for dissemination. I
submit certain experiences, advice, and tips generally related to fasting are
set forth first. It‵s pretty non-controversial.

As a result of my experiences and research, I have concluded that juice
fasting is a key and indispensable component of restoration of our physical,
economic, moral, and social health, both individually and collectively. In
making the case certain personal experiences including but not limited to
those related to my disbarment case and criminal prosecutions are included.

Some may take offense to anecdotes, claims, conclusions, ruminations,
and recommendations included herein. The organization herein was selected
to allow persons who find parts thereof to be offensive a complete and
adequate remedy – quit reading!


The following chart shows when and how the fasts were done.

daysComments8-31-09 — 9-4-0953 days on water, one on juice, then
another day on water9-14-09 – 9-27-0914Free choice juice on all days except days
4, 13 and 14. 11-13-09 – 11-23-0910Free choice juice1-3-10 – 2-2-1030Free choice juice

The first fast.
I started a water fast the last day of August 2009. I did nothing to prepare
my body, and nothing to learn about the physiological changes that result
from fasting, either on juice or water. I just quit consuming anything but

The first two days of the first fast weren’t so bad. I could handle that,
actually quite well if I didn’t think about it or go around food. The third day
was awful. Honestly, I was in what I would almost describe as an altered
state of consciousness. I had set 5:00 PM as the time I would switch to juice.

At 5:00 sharp I attacked a half gallon of V8 juice. It felt incredibly good going
down. My energy returned to normal almost immediately. I went from
feeling awful to feeling wonderful in about 5 minutes. I drank juice the rest
of the evening, and the following day. It was a heady experience.

I got the idea that maybe I could handle a water fast after the 3rd day. I
switched to water for the 5th day, and found it to be quite pleasant. It didn’t
really bother me at all, and I didn‵t run out of energy, although I recognized
that I was approaching that point late in the day.

I didn’t want to fast over the Labor Day holiday, so I stopped at 5 days. Even
as I stopped I was already planning my next fast. Furthermore, I read
everything I could find on the subject, mostly online.

I was shocked at the number of unexpected positive consequences of the fast.
For one, my desire for alcohol and caffeine both dropped dramatically. I
noticed it a few days later when I first drank some wine after the fast. The
next morning I didn’t really think about coffee. I drank one cup, only
because it was already there and I decided to try it.

Basically, fasting tends to ‟punch reset‶ with respect to cravings and urges.
You can get back to the same point you were before if you were satisfied with
it. Also, the same stresses that you had before can put you back to where you
were before. However, if you want to change a behavior or habit, fasting is a
great place to start.

I also got a deep, productive cough, expelling crud from deep in my lungs. I
have known for years that my lungs are my weak link. I was really happy
that my body saw fit to work on my lungs right away.

The second fast.

I got “The Detox Book” by Bruce Fife, which I highly recommend. Try
Ebay or Amazon or
http://www.healthfoodemporium.com/prod_page.php?id=149, It‵s
cheap (about $202), well written,3 and highly informative. I suggest reading
the book cover to cover, and doing the kidney, liver, and colon cleanses, in
that order, before juice fasting for the first time. I don’t subscribe to
everything he says, but on the whole I agree with him.

I was in a hurry to get the fast going so I could stop at well before the Feast of
Tabernacles (harvest feast) so I just did a couple days of the kidney cleanse
before doing the liver cleanse. The liver cleanse does everything Fife says it
will do. Make sure you follow his instructions exactly. The colon cleanse is
super, my “feces” was at one time the color and consistency of urine. Don‵t
let that scare you, you don‵t have to do anything you don‵t want to do.4

My ability to go to sleep improved markedly in the first two fasts. I got a
deep productive cough during all my fasts.

Tuesday, 9-22-09, I got grass clippings from town for mulch. While
unloading, I drank fluids, (juice and water) worked 30 minutes, urinated and
drink more.

Water is critical to success in a juice fast. Several times I got lower back
pain. My kidneys were hurting, and water fixed the problem. Urinating
frequently cuts down on reabsorption of toxins in the urine. At least that‵s
my perception.

I continue to be amazed at the spiritual benefits of a juice fast. The 8th day of
a juice fast brought me a new mental clarity, heightened consciousness, and
feeling of well being. Prayer was totally natural, spontaneous, and pleasant.

Thoughts were processed by my brain at an ideal rate, with little effort. Bible
passages came to my mind and integrated effortlessly with the circumstances
of my life and current events. This first 8th day of a juice fast was one of the
happiest days of my life.

Don‵t forget, I did the fasts for health, not for spiritual reasons. The spiritual
benefits simply came with the package. This was so much true for me that I
have concluded that juice fasting is a great way to test your own connection
with God.

Friday, 9-25-09, I went to Red Lobster with my wife Julie and a friend. I
drank two glasses of bloody mary mix. That’s probably really not a drink so
much as a puree or liquid food, and it‵s not suitable for a juice fast. You can
use purees, but they interfere with the central goal of shutting down digestion
as completely as possible.

I had planned to switch to water after the third day of the second fast. Water
only on the 4th day just didn’t work. I had no energy, and could not function
at an acceptable level. Returning to juice gave me instant energy.

Saturday 9-26-09 I decided to try water only again. I had plenty of energy
for mowing the lawn and doing odd jobs around the house. There was
nothing remotely close to the difficulty of the 4th day. I did push mowing as
well as riding the mower, and odd jobs.

I finished a gallon of water that day at 2:00. I took a bit of sea salt according
to my body’s urge. I suspect it has something to do with the need for
minerals as well as the loss of electrolytes.5 I finished the 2nd gallon at 7:45

I notice the same day that my stomach was belching up a slightly acidic
discharge. It doesn’t really bother me, but I think that is because my
digestive system “woke up” somewhat from the bloody mary mix. My

The object of the game in a juice fast is to only take in nourishment that is
essentially absorbed, and thus does not require digestion. A bit of food will
just confuse the body and make things much more difficult. Apple, grape,
carrot, cabbage and similar juices are great.6 V8 juice is not good, because it
is a puree with water rather than just vegetable juice. Read the labels!

As noted previously, fasting does tend to reset the body and let you get away
from foods that aren’t good for you. I am not a purist about eating. I take the
position that a moderate fast7 a few times a year, along with a reasonable diet
and exercise, is enough to maintain health in most people.
Sunday 9-27-09 I finished a gallon at 12:20. I took considerable sea salt, it
makes me feel better. One of the benefits of a juice fast is getting better
communication with the body. When water doesn’t taste good the first thing
I try is a little sea salt.

I urinated at 12, 2, 4, 6, and when I got up this morning. I urinated before
Sunday School, after Sunday School, and right after church, and needed to
again at 12:25. Admittedly this is not conducive to most regular jobs. I don’t
really like having to urinate all the time, but it’s a small price to pay for the
huge benefits that follow.

I had great energy all day Saturday, 9-26-09, on water only. Sunday brought
a lower energy today, but I was fully functional, nothing like the debilitating
low energy when I tried to switch to water only at day 4. I drove to church
and Sunday School. One prayer request was for gall bladder surgery
Tuesday, I told her about the liver cleanse. All my exertions and pleas were
in vain. She had the surgery.

By this time I was totally and irrevocably sold on the benefits of juice fasting.
Water fasting is nearly impossible with most modern jobs. Juice fasting is
not, although it does call for a bit of experimentation and understanding of
how your body will respond.

The third fast.

Somewhere along the way I found a recipe for red chowder soup at
http://jcsm.org/Fasting/FruitVegetables/Diet.htm. I don‵t quite buy the argument
that eating fruits and vegetables only is a ‟fast.‶8 However, the clear liquid
off of this soup tastes fantastic, and doesn‵t seem to interfere with the
purposes of the fast. I add other stuff, including on occasion some chicken.9
Mostly I just use other vegetables and vegetable juices. The soup itself is
great as an introductory food for breaking a fast.

I tried adding beans because I love bean juice. I discovered that raffinose, the
complex sugar responsible for gas when beans are eaten, is present in large
quantities in the juice. Bean juice causes gas just as effectively as the beans
themselves, and on a juice fast, it all happens very quickly. Beano will break
down raffinose, but I am still not satisfied that beans should be used in
vegetable juice. Bean juice makes a great experiment, though. Bring a timer!

I use commercial juices along with fresh squeezed. Fresh squeezed is better,
but commercial is cheaper and more convenient. Decide for yourself how to
answer that question, but I try to get at least half from fresh raw produce. If
cost was no object I would use all or nearly all fresh squeezed.

The fourth fast.

My lungs were cleaning out the whole 30 days and beyond. I got a deep
productive cough, and also got what felt like a mild sore throat for several
days. My body continued to work on my weak link.

Even after 59 days of fasting, my lungs aren‵t restored to full health,
although they are dramatically improved. Since the 4th fast, I have been
exercising on a trampoline, which has been very beneficial to both my lungs
and muscles.

Fife claims that rebounding exercise such as a trampoline is great for
detoxifying the body, and I agree with him. I think it would be best to work
out once or twice daily on a trampoline, for short periods of time, during a
fast. I intend to try that on the next fast. I usually only spend 5-10 minutes
per session, but that‵s enough for a good workout of lungs and leg muscles.

I‵ve lost ten pounds, maybe a bit more, down to a weight of about 155. I didn‵t
intend to have radical weight loss, I didn‵t need it. I am very pleased with the
body‵s reshaping as a result of the weight loss. As far as I am concerned,
dieting for weight loss is obsolete and counterproductive. Juice fasting will
get the job done faster and better and give huge health benefits while you lose
the weight.

I would routinely juice 4-5 apples or oranges, or 3 large grapefruit, at a time,
and drink it all. I did this several times a day. That‵s a lot of calories.

At first I would all but quaff over a quart of carrot juice. With an empty GI
tract, that can run right through. Drinking a pint or so of carrot juice to
start, and finishing up 15-20 minutes later worked fine. Juice absorbs into
the body very quickly. Let me say again that you need to gain some
experience with juice fasting before you put yourself in a critical situation
while juice fasting.

During this fast I was ordered to perform 30 hours per week of ‟community
service‶ in default of which I would be immediately placed in jail. It became
apparent that part of the benefit of the fast was the ability to rest mind and
body. Benefits were still clearly obtained, but not as much as would be
obtained without this extra burden.

Breaking the fast is a much bigger issue after a long fast than it is after a
short fast. The longer the fast, the more time is needed to restore ‟normal‶
digestion. I started with popcorn and fresh vegetables, then soups, then
breads, then a more diverse diet, with meat the last thing worked in.
Starting with small amounts of new items was helpful for me.

I have experienced a little physical discomfort, and some intestinal gas, by
getting in a hurry. Your body will let you know what‵s working and what
isn‵t. You should have some prior experience with breaking fasts by the time
you get to a long fast.


1.Inform yourself.

I recommend reading ‟The Detox Book‶ by Bruce Fife, in its entirety as part
of the process. The internet is a great source of information, and the perfect
place to do your ‟trust but verify‶ due diligence. The magic of the internet is
the ability to ascertain the consensus view, and also to glean ideas that might
be on the fringes.

2.Prepare psychologically.

The biggest challenge is not physical. A juice fast leaves you with plenty of
calories, vitamins, minerals, and energy. Still, we all crave the pleasure of
solid food.

Start well ahead of time and make a plan. It‵s great if you can find a friend
to fast with, but make sure you find a friend who will help you and not simply
tempt you to quit. Avoid negativity and naysayers. You don‵t need to listen
to people try to persuade you that you will starve to death drinking fresh fruit
and vegetable juice.

Decide in advance when you will start and when you will stop, then do your
very best to stick with it. Make the goals reasonable. Reward yourself with
the best juice you can get, consistent with your finances and other

Search out the best deals for the best juices. I go to Twin Cities Produce at 9th
& G in Fort Smith. They have great deals on great produce. Of course prices
change with the seasons, and bargains come and go. This winter, I‵ve gotten
50 pounds of carrots for $15-18, Gala apples by the box for $.50 a pound, and
lots of other quality produce at great prices. If it‵s new or you‵re just trying
it on juice, try a little before you buy a lot. From experience I can tell you
that some apples just turn to applesauce, and other apples don‵t have a tasty

3.Prepare your body.

I think the ideal approach is as follows:

1)Three weeks10 on a kidney cleanse (The Detox Book), five weeks if
you have had kidney stones in the past. This involves laying off
meat and dairy, taking certain herbs, and drinking lots of apple
juice and water. This is a great opportunity to work on tasty,
satisfying dishes derived from vegetable sources.

2)Immediately thereafter, do the liver cleanse,11 also explained in
The Detox Book. Follow the instructions precisely! This
basically involves ‟saving up‶ your bile, then forcing it all out as
rapidly as possible, while you are horizontal, thus pushing out
stones and cleaning the bile ducts.

3)Do colon cleansing, to your own satisfaction, as you commence the

You are preparing to detoxify your body. If your body is not suitably equipped
and prepared for the task through normal channels of elimination, it will
often employ unpleasant emergency methods of eliminating toxins, such as
vomiting. You should do everything you can to make the process more
pleasant, since we all naturally try to avoid discomfort.

4.Start small and work your way up.

Start with a 2 or 5 day juice fast, then 10 days, then 14, then more if you
choose. This is of course a proposed course, suit your own schedule. Spread
the fasts out over a reasonable period of time, considering your purposes,
goals, and lifestyle.

Personally, I would not do a 3 day fast if I could help it. Do either 2 days or at
least 4, preferably 5. Stopping at the end of the third day will make you think
that juice fasting is more difficult than it really is.

5.Drink lots of water.

What you do for religious or other purposes is on your own time. If you want
to cleanse toxins, lose weight, and feel good during and after your fast, drink
as much as your body will let you drink, reasonably.

I found one story on Google about a man who fasted on air (no water or food
at all) for 7 days, on water only for the next 7, and on juice for the last 7 days.
His goal was to attain the ability to live on the cosmic energies of the
universe, or something to that effect. He said that he still hadn‵t regained his
full strength and balance, several years later.

He paid a guru a lot of money to help him on this fool‵s errand. At the end of
his article, http://www.moinhos-velhos.com/21day-process.htm he
concludes that juice fasting would have been a better option than what he did,
an understatement to say the least. Still, we should all respect and
appreciate the fact that he was willing to share his valuable experiences with
the rest of the world. He chose to share his unedited notes, despite the fact
that much of it was embarrassing on at least some level.

If you limit water intake for religious or other purposes, you‵re on your own.
I would agree with you under few if any circumstances. Keep it short. Think
about the observations shared with you in this article, and research carefully
to understand the potential long term consequences of serious dehydration.

When you deny yourself water, you are sending a conflicting message to your
body. On the one hand you are fasting, which sends a signal that a shutdown
is underway, so major maintenance should commence. On the other hand you
are not taking water, which prevents the body from its cleaning and repairing
role, and even interferes with daily cellular processes..

Use salt and potassium as your body calls for it. Depending on what kind of
juice you drink, you may get plenty of potassium. For example, about 1,000
calories from watermelon juice will give you the US RDA for potassium. If
you feel the need to supplement see http://www.elytesport.com. If your lower to
mid back hurts, its probably your kidneys begging for water. It will probably
shock you to see how much water you need during a juice fast. You are
cleaning house, after all.

6.Make your own rules on the basis of your knowledge and stick
with them. Don‵t cheat!

When you juice fast, your digestive tract will empty of solid food. Your body
will quit producing hydrocloric acid for digestion purposes, which causes
hunger to shut down. Suitable fruit and vegetable juices will not interfere
with this shutdown, regardless of quantity. The monosaccharides they
contain are directly absorbed without the need for digestion.

I am not telling you that you won‵t want food when you walk through a
working kitchen. What I am saying is that you will have plenty of energy,
and won‵t feel hunger when your mind is occupied on something else, even if
it‵s just meditation about life.

The object of the game is to shut down digestion and elimination as
completely as possible. These are metabolically expensive functions of your
body. When food ceases, your body assumes you meant to detox and repair
your body. Therefore, as long as you supply plenty of calories, electrolytes,
vitamins and minerals, your body will proceed apace at cleaning up and fixing
stuff according to its own to-do list.

Don‵t cheat yourself by eating that tiny bit of food. If you do you just cheat
yourself. You are making a hard job out from an easy one. And don‵t judge
the process by the results you get by turning a juice fast into an extreme diet.

Vegetable broth soup is wonderful and lifts the spirits. Meat didn‵t bother me
so long as I took strictly the natural liquid and got all the fats off the top.
The slightest sheen would upset my stomach.

Amino acids also absorb directly, as I understand it. I don‵t know a good
source for them, not that I think you necessarily need added aminos during a
juice fast. I used Braggs Aminos during the fast to flavor soup, and that
didn‵t bother me. I don‵t however know if that is actually aminos, or the
protein. Protein must be digested, whereupon the aminos are absorbed. At
least that‵s my understanding.

7.Get sufficient information and qualified support for any serious
medical condition you may have.

If you have a serious medical condition, you need a qualified medical
professional to advise you on how your condition will likely affect your
reaction to juice fasting. If your doctor thinks you‵re nuts even though you
find success stories on the internet, you might need to find someone else.
Find someone sympathetic to the process, and get answers and explanations.

If you find a sympathetic professional and still get a ‟no‶ answer, pay
attention. Juice fasting may not be a suitable solution. For example, internet
resources indicate that Type II diabetes has been cured by juice fasting,
whereas few if any sources suggest that Type I diabetes responds likewise.
It‵s your body, and in the final analysis only you can balance the risks and
rewards. Do your own homework, and give your health the serious attention
it deserves.

Place a proper respect and value on expert knowledge. Prepare yourself
mentally to select a competent provider and pay fair value for what you
receive. If you do your homework, the advice and consultation will be worth
what you paid for it.

8.Get good equipment and use it.

I have a Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus. You can get one on
Ebay for about $100 give or take. If I had only one this would be it, based on
price, speed, convenience, and effectiveness. It is great for hard fruits and
veggies. You can put most apples through whole, and it gets a good yield.
Throughput is fast enough to make juice for a family or even for a get
together with multiple families. I really like the pitcher which pours from the
bottom, leaving the foam on top.

For soft fruits like oranges and grapefruit an Omega 8004 class juicer works
really well. It is a personal juicer, not something to use to make a lot of juice
quickly. It is a masticating juicer that turns relatively slowly. If you have
big carrots you will have to cut them up to feed them. Figure one of these will
set you back $260 new or about $200 if you can find a good used one. They
can also be used to make baby food, pasta, and similar items.

Looking back, our two biological children were very healthy until they started
eating regular food. When we started them on baby food and regular food
they started getting runny noses and the other problems our society has
unfortunately accepted as normal incidents of growing up.

If I had it to do over I would start them out on nothing but homemade baby
food from raw fruits and vegetables processed on an Omega 8004 or similar
juicer, at least at first. I don‵t think they would have ever gone through the
runny nose stage.

Commercial baby food has to be heated for suitable shelf life, which
eliminates a lot of enzymes and other beneficial characteristics of food. But
its not that hard to make baby food from raw produce on a daily basis.
Babies love raw fruit and veggie purees – at least until you give them a taste
treat they like better.

You don‵t have to pick one of these juicers. Educate yourself, decide what‵s
right for you, buy it, and use it. Don‵t quit when the fast is over. Use the
juicer(s) on a regular basis, and you can decide for yourself how much is

9.Pick one new habit to make or break with each fast.

Juice fasting tends to punch ‟reset‶ on the mind and body. Think about your
worst nutritional vice, and attack it. You can find lists on Google concerning
the worst foods to eat. Most nutritionists would agree that excessive
consumption of sodas, processed foods, refined flours and sugars, would
surely make any proper list.

Don‵t just kick the bad habit out, replace it with a healthy habit. Hard white
whole wheat flour makes delightful bread. You can buy it at
http://www.farmerdirectfoods.com I use a modified version of their buttermilk
bread recipe, with 80% hard white whole wheat and 20% regular flour made
from hard white wheat. The whole family loves the bread. We make
homemade mixes ahead of time, and usually have a loaf ready when the
alarm goes off.

If you are hooked on sodas, get the sodas out of the house. After the fast,
make sure you have convenient, high quality fruit juice available when you
need something to drink. I recommend using as much fresh squeezed as your
lifestyle reasonably permits.

10.Develop a routine that includes juice fasting as part of
regularly scheduled maintenance of your body.

No one thinks that their car will be ‟fixed‶ by changing the oil. That‵s
maintenance, not repair. If you are proud of your car, you change the oil and
filter regularly.

Likewise, the human body needs a juice fast on a regular basis. The initial
juice fasts may seem like repairs, in that they ‟cure‶ allergies, high blood
pressure, impotence, etc. The body is in essence a very complex set of
plumbing.systems. The modern diet and lifestyle damage those systems. The
body can fix these problems, as long as it has sufficient ‟down time‶
associated with a juice fast, to clean up and repair.

There are a lot of theories about the proper schedule for juice fasting. I‵m still
not highly confident of my analysis, but I tend to think that 2-3 fasts of 10 to
14 days each, on an annual basis, would be about right for me. I like hitting
the 8th day, and think that the moderate length fast does more for me than
the same number of days spread over short fasts.

If you are trying to lose weight, be reasonable but persistent. I suggest
starting with free choice juice, but consciously drinking as much water as you
can reasonably stand, at least 2 parts water to 1 part juice.

Later you can start calorie restriction, but make sure you maintain good
strength. Don‵t worry you are losing weight at a modest rate, that is a good
thing. It took a long time to put the weight on, don‵t ask your body to take it
off overnight.

Maintain your strength as a general rule, but I do think it is useful to cut off
the calories at some point in time to see what it feels like to run out of energy.
You should also know what it feels like to drink juice after energy runs out.
You‵ll be amazed at how fast energy returns.

I started the 30 day fast with the preconceived notion that it would cure my
lung problems altogether. It didn‵t. I have been using a trampoline for
exercise since the end of the fast. The addition of exercise has had a
cumulative effect. I don‵t think either the fasting or the exercise alone would
have sufficed.

I have worked at manual labor, and exercised considerably. My lungs didn‵t
heal from that. They needed the fasting to clean out and repair damage.
Now I am rebuilding the cleaned and repaired lungs with exercise. I fully
expect the next fast to bring significant additional benefits. III.JUICE FASTING IS INDISPENSABLE TO THE RESTORATION

The reader was previously warned of the possibility of iconoclastic rhetoric.
Of course I don‵t mean any offense. Why would I divert time from the defense
of my liberty,12 to anger the very people who have taken time out of their busy
lives to hear me out? A principal reason for this writing is to warn my fellow
Americans.of impending social and economic calamity, and to explain what
can be done to ameliorate the bad consequences of same, which are already
upon us and will rapidly get worse without decisive action.

Please consider the fact, which I candidly admit, that I knew next to nothing
about juice fasting some 9 months before this writing. Having conceded 46
years on this earth quite ignorant of the benefits of juice fasting, how could I
condemn you for such contemplation as you deem appropriate, before making
your own decision?

Lest you think I am too harsh, the reader is invited to 1) Ascertain what is in
fact the truth, and 2) Follow the truth where it leads. Lest you think I am too
lenient, consider what God said about resistance to the truth:13

10. And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that
perish ; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might
be saved .

11. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that
they should believe a lie:
(Emphasis added)

God won‵t force you to love Him, believe Him, or follow Him, so why should I
try to compel someone else to react to the truth in a particular way? Forced
love is no love at all. Jesus declared the He is truth14,

Everyone loves the truth when the truth favors their own position and
interests. The most consequential choice we will make in our lives is our
response to the truth, when the natural and probable consequence of the truth
is diametrically opposed to our own perceived interests.

This being said let me explain why I say that juice fasting is essential the
restoration of limited, constitutional government.

1.The Medical Consequences of Our Lifestyle Choices are
Devastating our Society.

According to Wikipedia, 1 in 3 Americans born after 2000 will develop
diabetes in their lifetime, if current trends continue. Diabetes is not
inevitable. In fact, ‟The lowest prevalence of diabetes, of practically zero, is
seen in rural Third World areas.‶15

One in 3 Americans now have some form of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
CNN reports that 70 million of us have some form of heart disease16 That‵s
just one chronic disease related to our lifestyle in general, and diet in
particular. About 1 in 3 will die from CVD, which is a leading cause of
disability, and imposes an economic burden of over $500 billion annually.17
Such levels of CVD aren‵t inevitable either. The US has a rate of CVD
several times that of other parts of the world.18
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US, killing over half a
million people a year. The medical costs alone are $225 billion per year.
Likewise, this group of diseases is by no means inevitable or determined by
chance. The ratio of highest rate of cancer overall is 8.4 times the lowest rate,
meaning that the most cancer prone part of the world has 8.4 times the
overall cancer rate of the least cancer prone part of the world.19 For specific
types of cancer the high/low ratio starts at 20 and goes as high as 289. It
cannot be reasonably be doubted that most cancers are due to our individual
or collective lifestyle choices.

Our burgeoning rates of disease are economically unsustainable. These
diseases wipe out productivity at the same time they create enormous
treatment costs. Unless fundamental changes are made soon, our lifestyle
choices will bring our entire system crashing down.

Why? Because we have been taught, and thoroughly accepted,20 the socialist
mindset with respect to our bodies and our health. In the US, about 12 cents
of every health care dollar is spent by the consumer.21 The remainder is spent
by a third party, either the government, an insurer, HMO, or similar
organization. In other words, most of our health care costs are socialized in
one way or another. The effect is predictable. Consider these typical

Example 1: Shortly after I learned about the liver cleanse, Jane (not her real
name) a member of our Sunday School class, asked prayer for her upcoming
gall bladder surgery. I was delighted at the opportunity to save her the cost
of the procedure, which averages $5-12,000 depending on the area. I
immediately told her that the operation was unnecessary, and that complete
relief could be had by the liver cleanse.

I provided her with a copy of the book and an explanation. She said she
didn‵t have child care so I offered to do it myself, having experience with our
own children. I explained that the pain was a signal from the body that
substantive changes needed to be made. Gall bladder surgery is essentially
shooting the messenger. The problem is still there, but the body no longer
has the most logical means of telling you about it.

She declined. The surgery was after all already scheduled and her mother
was coming to town. Surgery wouldn‵t hurt much, and the pain would be
gone. I was surprised but shouldn‵t have been. She perceived little personal
economic benefit to remedying the underlying cause, as opposed to merely
stamping out the symptoms. The cost or benefit to the insurer was

Example 2: Ben, (not his real name) recently came to my house to tell me
about his newly retained disability lawyer. Ben is 47, overweight, smokes,
and consumes what you might describe as a low grade version of the
Standard American Diet (SAD), with lots of sodas and processed foods. He
told me about his chronic pain and many symptoms. Unquestionably his
problems would be cured by juice fasting and adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

I explained that he didn‵t need to live with the pain. He could work again
and feel good doing it. He could garden and hunt and fish and feel like a
young man. I explained that I would help him as much as I could every step
of the way.

Ben was totally disinterested in juice fasting, even on a short trial basis. I
asked him if he realized that his heart and arteries were probably also in bad
shape for all the reasons that the rest of his body was in pain. He readily
agreed and described his heart symptoms.

‟Ben‶ I asked, ‟What if you die?‶ Ben responded ‟I‵ll go to heaven.‶ He was
totally confident that if he abused his body to death, he would promptly go to
live in heaven with Jesus for all eternity.

I got him to acknowledge that his body was the temple of the Holy Spirit,
according to the Bible. He agreed that he was taking very poor care of his
‟temple‶ but was totally unconcerned about it.

Wrecking his health was not merely an irrelevancy. It was an economic
blessing to him. It would bring a monthly government check and free medical
care. And he‵s certain that Jesus is just all right with that, completely
understanding and probably even supportive of the whole process.

Socialism is such the delightful and seductive philosophy. The Pilgrims who
first settled this land initially created a socialistic system for themselves. It
was a devastating failure that brought starvation and hardship to the
fledgling colony.

Yet the Pilgrims didn‵t abandon socialism for ideological reasons. They
belatedly abandoned socialism because starvation and poverty was killing so
many of them that they feared being altogether wiped out.

Likewise, the Soviet Union was not disbanded because of popular uprising or
widespread dislike of socialism. While visiting Russia, I listened to nice
Russian people that I liked fondly reminisce about the good things of the
Soviet Union. A vast swath of the population loved the guaranteed
employment and guaranteed food and subsidized everything. They were
genuinely disappointed when the party ended. Many still don‵t understand
what ‟went wrong.‶

The Soviet system collapsed because it was economically unsustainable. The
divorcement of risk and effort from personal reward mis-allocates resources
so badly that Russia, with some of the finest soils and richest natural
resources in the world, simply could not fulfil the relatively meager promises
that it had made to its own citizens.

2.Without Major Changes, Our Health Crisis Will Lead to
Economic Collapse and Financial Ruin.

We are headed for a collapse of the Federal Reserve Promise to Pay Nothing22
(FRPPN). The pressures of our system of socialized medicine in the United
States are already so severe that much of our debt is ‟financed‶ by conduct
that effectively amounts to ‟running the presses.‶ Our lavish national
lifestyle demands ever greater ‟financing‶ as time passes by.

Eventually such behavior always leads to a collapse of the currency. Always.
The question is how and when, not if.

Unfunded liabilities of the federal government exceed ?108 trillion, according
to http://www.usdebtclock.org/. This sum is a staggering 7 times the
annual GDP of the US, and gets worse by the day. Social Security‵s unfunded
liabilities are about equal to a year of GDP. The remaining unfunded
liabilities relate to health care.

Take a look at the graph below.23 Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid
are cancers upon the federal budget. They are totally unconstitutional,
extremely popular, and
grow far faster than the
economy as a whole.

The two largest categories
of spending by the federal
government are direct
payments to (or for the
benefit of) individuals,
followed by military
spending. Interest on the
debt is substantial, but
this is unquestionably the
result of spending on the aforementioned social programs and military.

According to http://www.insideronline.org/summary.cfm?id=11086 at
page 27:

The consequences of long-term fiscal deficits can be severe. Indeed, the
fiscal situation in the U.S. looks quite similar to the fiscal
situation in the typical country that has subsequently defaulted
on its debt.
(Emphasis added)

Social Security is in fact a Ponzi scheme. It started with a rate of 1% for
employer and employee.24 The rates were originally scheduled to increase to
3% each for employer to employee, totalling 6%. The people were promised
that ‟the most you will pay‶ would be a grand total of $180 per year.

The ‟taxable amount‶ was originally $3,00025 per year.26 Due to periodic
changes of the rates and rules, as of 2010 the ‟taxable amount‶ was
?106,800,27 . In nominal terms the maximum tax is closing in on 100 times
the original promised maximum. That in itself is not enough, and nothing
ever will be. ‟Enough‶ is a moving target, a constantly changing and ever
more exhausting financial drag on the economy.

This Ponzi scheme is far worse than anything Bernie Madoff ever did to his
victims. Madoff used craft and deceit to obtain ‟investment‶ money. Social
Security ‟contributions‶ are collected at the barrel of a gun.28
Consider for a moment the following frauds and thefts necessary to maintain
any pretense of the solvency of Social Security, by any measure, all of which
involve gross, undeniable dishonesty:

1)A landowner pays ?100,000 for land. At the point that inflation has
reduced the value of FRPPN by half, the property is sold for a sum
nominally double the purchase price. Landowner must pay tax on half
the proceeds of the sale.

2)Foreigners own nearly ?4 trillion in US Treasury obligations.
Assuming inflation of only 4%, approximately ?160 billion of their
property is stolen by the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve
Corporation each year. The exact amount of the theft is impossible to
determine beforehand, and difficult of ascertainment after the fact.

3)Amish persons who work for an Amish employer pay no Social Security
taxes. Persons of other religions pay 15.3% of their productivity to the
government. The money is immediately paid out to current retirees.

Example 1. Inflation creates taxable ‟income‶ only to the extent we blind our
eyes to the constitution, case law, and basic rational thought about what
might possibly constitute income. The landowner had no increase of value or
‟accession to wealth‶ as required by case law. Besides the illegality, such a
tax amounts to the consumption of capital, eroding the productive capacity of
the nation over time.

The federal government steals billions by inflating the nominal value of
assets and thereupon taxing the phantom ‟gain.‶ Any number of prestigious
law firms would remedy this undeniable wrong, if the system of justice was
functional. Such litigation would be very lucrative.

Example 2. This form of theft has staggering implications. The debt service
in 1987, when the federal budget first reached ?1 trillion, was ?138 billion on
?2,350 billion of debt. Now the interest is ?187 billion annually, on ?13,786
of debt. We service nearly 6 times the debt load, with less than a 50%
increase in debt service.

You may think this a happy circumstance, as it is indispensable to our
profligate lifestyle. Borrowing now accounts for nearly half of federal
spending. By reneging upon debt by means of inflation, and taxing ‟interest
income‶ that is sometimes actually a negative economic profit, the federal
government often effectively turns a profit on its borrowing activities.

But this is necessarily a dead end street Eventually the lenders giving up
real wealth for promises, the dishonesty of which is increasingly apparent,
will be either unable or unwilling to fund the ever increasing shortfall.

Most of us have debt service costs in the neighborhood of 10% of the debt.
Think about your home mortgage payments versus the secured debt. If the
federal government had to pay on such terms, this would add fully another
trillion to the federal deficit. Such an eventuality would create a death spiral
of rate increases and increased need to borrow to prevent an open default.

God declared that a false weight and a false balance were an abomination to
Him, whereas a just weight is His delight.29 Yet our unrestrained appetite for
government largesse has rendered the use of false weights and measures
indispensable to the continuation of our lifestyle.

Example 3. Suppose Congress passed a tax on Baptists in the amount of 5%
of their income. Could you deny that such a law would violate the 1st
Amendment? What about a 5% tax on all faiths except its chosen sect,
whether Amish, Baptist, or otherwise?

No one with the slightest understanding of constitutional limitations thinks
either of those taxes would be legal. However, our existing tax code
specifically exempts the Amish, to the extent that they work for another
Amish person. Such a tax is utterly and undeniably unconstitutional.

How did the exemption come about? The Amish first refused to pay but left
bank accounts open. It soon became clear that leaving a bank account open
was tantamount to paying the thieves at the IRS, some of the Amish simply
closed their bank accounts.
The IRS responded by stealing horses belonging to the Amish, during
planting season, hoping to force them into submission. An outpouring of
public support of the Amish and outrage against the IRS resulted in a law
specifically exempting the Amish. However, the exemption essentially did
nothing more than grant the exemption under circumstances in which the
government could not collect without distraint anyway. If an Amish person
works for a non-Amish employer, taxes are collected, even though it is
undeniable that the money will not benefit the Amish person in any way.

A recent article trumpeted the news that the federal government now projects
a deficit this year of ‟only‶ ?1.3 trillion. Foreign creditors cannot and do not
honestly believe the debt will ever be honestly paid off. They only hope that
they won‵t be burned too badly by a default. In other words, they keep a wary
eye on the exits and try to keep their options open.

Take a look at this chart showing what federal spending Americans would
like to cut.30

We have become addicted to government support of our unhealthy lifestyles.
What that really means is that we are happy when the government seizes the
property of our neighbors to spend on our (mostly self inflicted) illnesses, and
pay us a retirement benefit mostly necessitated by our failure to properly
maintain personal health. In exchange, we give overwhelming support to the
politicians who agree to support these unconstitutional expenditures. For the
most part, we either don‵t know or don‵t care that these programs and
expenditures place us on squarely on the path toward an economic train

Unless we make rapid, massive changes to our way of thinking, catastrophic
economic collapse is inevitable. The only question is how or when.

3.Jesus Christ Came to Bring Liberty, and Also Health,
Without Which Liberty is a Pipe Dream.

A.I don‵t think that word (believe) means what we
think it means.

The ‟Princess Bride‶ is a classic movie involving a beautiful princess
kidnapped by a Spaniard, a Sicilian, and a giant. They are fleeing the
princess‵ true love, who is never far behind.

The Sicilian tries to kill the princess‵ true love, or otherwise throw him off the
trail. Each time his efforts fail he exclaims ‟inconceivable!‶ After hearing
the Sicilian exclaim ‟inconceivable‶ several times, in response to events that
had already taken place, the giant dryly observes ‟I don‵t think that word
means what you think it means.‶

We proclaim ourselves to be a ‟Christian‶ nation. We are sure that because
we believe, therefore Jesus will give us eternal life. A majority of us believe
that Jesus has given us a good life here, and a perfect, eternal life in the
hereafter, because we believe, pray a short prayer, and maybe get baptized as

With all due respect, I don‵t think ‟believe‶ means what we think it means.
Most of us agree that ‟believers‶ receive eternal life as a gift from God.
However, most of us also believe, as well we should that believing should have
some influence on behavior.

Yet when the divorce rate of ‟born again Christians‶ is compared to that of
‟all adults,‶ the difference is statistically insignificant, 32% for the former
versus 33% for the latter.31 ‟Evangelical‶ Christians achieve a statistically
significant but hardly awe-inspiring improvement, down to 26%, and
constitute about 9% of the population. Catholics achieve a 28% rate and
constitute about 23% of the population. Id.

This has nothing to do with personal judgment on anyone for any reason,
divorce or otherwise. Divorce is simply a convenient barometer of change
wrought by ‟believing‶ in Jesus Christ.

Most of us don‵t want divorce, and consider divorce a failure, at least to some
degree. Id. Therefore, an examination of divorce statistics should be at least
somewhat instructive in determining the effect of religion on American life.

B.Jesus Christ on BHAGS: One for you, and one for me.

Of all the Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) conceived by the human mind,
nothing tops eternal life. Eternal life is not merely a million years or a
billion years. Eternal life means we‵ll watch our sun burn down to a lifeless
ember, and that‵s not the half of it. In fact, it is impossible to meaningfully
express the concept of ‟half of eternity.‶ Eternity is never ending, forever.

Along with such a fabulous gift it would seem that Jesus would at least ask
something from His followers. He did to, at least somewhat, although He
warned that His method of pay might seem inequitable to us.

Jesus had a BHAG too, and told us rather succinctly at Luke 4:18-19. Jesus
was handed a copy of Isaiah. He read the following passage, and then quite
conspicuously sat down. The passage is numbered herein for purposes of
analysis: but is otherwise verbatim from the King James Version.

1) The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed
me to preach the gospel to the poor;
2)he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted,
3)to preach deliverance to the captives, and
4)recovering of sight to the blind,
5)to set at liberty them that are bruised,
6) To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

Let‵s break these down by category. Can we agree that at the very least a
literal reading suggests:

1)1 and 6 involve Jesus preaching, and,
2)2 and 4 involve healing from God, and
3)3 and 5 involve human liberty.

Professional clergy, church buildings, and the other trappings of modern
religiousity are conspicuous by their absence. Jesus articulated a plan to
communicate to the people of this earth the hope of healing and liberty from

Jesus came to earth with two BHAGs, one for us, and one for Him. Actually,
they were both for humanity, in that they did not focus upon or even mention
anything about praise, honor, and glory to God. That is certainly mentioned
elsewhere and often flowed from the gracious works of God.

But two thirds of His BHAG, strictly by the numbers, involved healing and
liberty for humanity. Nothing about His short sermon implies that His goals
were only for those who loved Him. In fact Jesus said He loved us before we
loved Him, not the other way around.32 He also told us not to pull up weeds
in His garden of life, because we might pull up wheat in the process.33

We don‵t seem to understand these principles in this nation. A recent article
in the main Fort Smith newspaper, the Southwest Times Record, contained
an article about ‟faith‶ healing. One of the clergymen quoted opined that God
worked ‟mainly through doctors.‶34
Oh really? How does that work? Did Jesus whisper in the doctor‵s ear ‟Put
him on a little Coumadin (rat poison) to thin his blood. He‵ll be fine!‶

Doctors won‵t tell you Jesus tells them to prescribe the torrent of pills
necessary to scab over the chronic conditions that plague the population.
Most of them will tell you that they do it because we don‵t want to
fundamentally change our lifestyle, so that we no longer need the
pharmaceutical crutches.

C.Not all BHAGs are authentic.

Many religious leaders counsel against any self doubt of the authenticity of
our salvation. In essence we should ‟believe‶ regardless. Any shadow of
doubt creeping into your mind is of the devil!!! Shut it out of your mind!

Yet Jesus Himself declared that those who loved him would keep his
commandments,35 and warned of ‟surprise‶ damnation. He warned of those
who would protest, doubtless in the most shocked disbelief of their entire
existence, their everlasting damnation.36 Consider the following passage from
Matthew 7(NKJV):

13.”Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is
the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
14.But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life,
and only a few find it.
15.”Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing,
but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.
16.By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from
thornbushes, or figs from thistles?
17.Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad
18.A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear
good fruit.
19.Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into
the fire.
20.Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.
21.”Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of
heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.
22.Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not
prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and
perform many miracles?’
23.Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me,
you evildoers!’
24.”Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them
into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.
25.The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat
against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on
the rock.
26.But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not
put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house
on sand.
(Emphasis added)
Suppose you find a Rolex President for sale on a street corner, and buy it for
Ø50. You hurry home, amazed at your good fortune, and tell your wife.

She is skeptical as wives tend to be about such things. Is it a real, genuine,
authentic Rolex? Is it stolen? The circumstances of acquisition seem rather
suspicious. Why don‵t you take it to a jeweler and ask, she suggests. Maybe
they will know how to tell the genuine from the fake, the stolen from the
article of honest commerce.

With this example in mind, consider various examples of authentic BHAGs in
the Bible. The thief on the cross simply asked that Jesus remember him
when He came into His kingdom.37 Jesus in response declared that he would
the same day be with Him in paradise. He had nothing to give. Jesus
demanded nothing, rather giving eternal life for the asking.

The following example is recorded at Acts 8:

36.Now as they went down the road, they came to some water. And the
eunuch said, “See, here is water. What hinders me from being
37.Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.”
And he answered and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of
(Emphasis added)

This begs an answer to the question, what is meant by the word ‟believe?‶
Abraham ‟believed‶ God and it was counted to him for righteousness.38 But
his belief went to the point of a demonstrated willingness to sacrifice his only
son on an altar to God. In other words, he withheld nothing from God.

Jesus in Luke 4 mentions the widow to whom Elijah was sent in the account
at I Kings 17. The widow was getting to prepare the very last of her food,
after which she had resigned both herself and her son to death. Elijah asked
to be fed first, promising that if she would, neither her meal nor her oil would
fail until the rains returned again. She believed, obeyed the prophet, and was

In Luke 18 the following example is given:
18.Now a certain ruler asked Him, saying, “Good Teacher, what shall I
do to inherit eternal life?”
19.So Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but
One, that is, God.
20.You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery,’ ‘Do not
murder,’ ‘Do not steal,’ ‘Do not bear false witness,’ ‘Honor your father
and your mother.’ ”
21.And he said, “All these things I have kept from my youth.”
22.So when Jesus heard these things, He said to him, “You still lack one
thing. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will
have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”
23.But when he heard this, he became very sorrowful, for he was very
(Emphasis added)

On the basis of these examples, I conclude that the price of salvation is at
once nothing and everything. Both sides of the equation are equally

Nothing that we can give God comes close to meriting His favor. He made all
the gold in the universe,40 and makes more every day. Gold has little to do
with His BHAG, and greenbacks even less. Why should He be pleased or
satisfied that we have given our favorite religionists a large stack of Federal
Reserve Promises to Pay Nothing? He said that a false weight was an
abomination to Him. He hates it, such frauds are a stench in His nostrils.

If we believe what Jesus said in announcing His reason for coming to earth,
in Luke 4, we cannot deny that He wants us to have liberty and good health.
By verbiage that covers two thirds of His sermon, and the remainder involves
preaching, which presumably would have some relation to the two
substantive goals. These two just happen to go hand in hand. It is an even
more delightful circumstance that the best way to restore your health is also
the best way to test your own personal BHAG for authenticity.

D.Juice fasting is the perfect way to test our own
I don‵t have the best memory, but there is one day that is indelibly etched
into my brain. It is Tuesday, 9-22-09. That was the first day that I hit the 8th
day of a fast. I don‵t understand fully the reasons, but it is undeniable to me
that the 8th day of a fast brings mental clarity, what I would call a new
consciousness. This was one of the most delightful days of my life.

My thoughts were well modulated, neither too slow nor too fast. Prayer and
contemplation of the things of God simply came naturally. It wasn‵t difficult.
Nothing was forced or strained.

Fasting as a means of repentance and restoration – David.

I didn‵t know about this beforehand. I honestly wasn‵t expecting it. I fasted
for health, the spiritual benefits simply came with the package.

If you fast with an open mind and honesty toward God, I cannot believe that
you will fail to hear from Him. Consider the following passage from Isaiah:

1.”Cry loudly, do not hold back ; Raise your voice like a trumpet, And
declare to My people their transgression And to the house of Jacob their
2.”Yet they seek Me day by day and delight to know My ways, As a
nation that has done righteousness And has not forsaken the ordinance
of their God. They ask Me for just decisions, They delight in the
nearness of God.
3.’Why have we fasted and You do not see ? Why have we humbled
ourselves and You do not notice ?’ Behold, on the day of your fast you
find your desire, And drive hard all your workers.
4.”Behold, you fast for contention and strife and to strike with a wicked
fist. You do not fast like you do today to make your voice heard on high.
5.”Is it a fast like this which I choose, a day for a man to humble
himself ? Is it for bowing one’s head like a reed And for spreading out
sackcloth and ashes as a bed? Will you call this a fast, even an
acceptable day to the LORD ?
6.”Is this not the fast which I choose, To loosen the bonds of
wickedness, To undo the bands of the yoke, And to let the
oppressed go free And break every yoke ?
7.”Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry And bring the
homeless poor into the house ; When you see the naked, to cover
him; And not to hide yourself from your own flesh ?
8.”Then your light will break out like the dawn, And your recovery will
speedily spring forth ; And your righteousness will go before you; The
glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.
(Emphases added)

God has given us the most delightful, wonderful opportunity to approach
Him. A juice fast, with humble heart and open mind to the thoughts and
intentions of the Creator, doesn‵t just clean out clogged arteries, as valuable
as that function may be. It opens lines up with our God, and gives us the
opportunity to hear from Him. Nothing is more powerful or more wonderful
than that.

In contemplation of God‵s BHAG, I have reached the following conclusion.
Nothing matters more to God than liberty. The handmaiden of liberty is a
healthy, sound body.

4.Our Lifestyle Choices Render the Debauchery of Our
Morals, Faith, and Governmental Institutions Inevitable.

Most of us love to hate our elected federal officials, but by now it should be
plain that they are simply doing ‟our bidding.‶ Our bidding is a highly
contradictory and altogether unsustainable path, but the unvarnished truth
is no way to get elected in this country. Ron Paul is Exhibit

Congress has just passed a law to nationalize health care. Liberals are
elated. Conservatives wring their hands and lament about ‟death panels‶
and socialized medicine.

Why are we worried about it? Are we worried about the potential loss of the
12 cents on the health care dollar still spent by the consumer?

What we don‵t seem to understand is that our own personal decisions
mandate these losses of liberty. Every Ponzi scheme requires periodic
additions of new cash. The perverse incentives of socialism have drained the
government‵s pot of money dry. ‟Universal health care‶ is just another attack
on a variety of sources of ‟new investor money‶ to keep the fraud going a little

The death panels are likewise inevitable so long as we maintain a socialistic
system. The vast majority of federal expenditures is for health care for
private persons, and for monthly checks for the elderly. The next biggest
chunk is for our military spending. We only delude ourselves when we think
that the government is really capable of continuing to provide health benefits
as always. They can‵t.

Let‵s just recap for a minute what‵s in the balances, weighed against honest
government. The government spends Ø829 billion on health care, Ø775 on
pensions, and Ø89541 on defense. That‵s almost Ø2.5 trillion, which compared
to revenues of Ø2.125 trillion leaves a deficit of some Ø375 billion without the
addition of any other federal expenditures.

Looking at the revenue gap a bit differently, the aggregate wealth of everyone
on the Forbes 400 list would not make up the shortfall for a single year, even
such a sale could be performed without injury to asset prices, an obvious
impossibility. If we eliminated our bloated military entirely, which accounts
for nearly half the worldwide military spending, we would still be Ø300-500
billion underwater.

That‵s what‵s on the table and hanging in the balances. The picture gets
worse as time passes by.

Several examples of official, public tax policy have already been set forth to
prove that the federal system of taxation is institutionally corrupt. What is
less obvious and visible is the criminality necessary to maintain the terror
which is necessary to obtain ‟voluntary compliance‶ with an increasingly
extortionate federal income tax system. For example:

Example 1.

In the matter of United States v. Farr, 536 F.3d 1174, 1179 (10th Cir. Okla.
2008) the Tenth Circuit said:

The court acknowledged, with some regret, that its jury instruction
“forecloses [closing] argument that the defendant did not evade the
quarterly employment tax because all she was ever assessed for was the
trust fund recovery penalty,” and “cuts . . . clean off” Ms. Farr’s primary
trial defense based on the language of the indictment. Aplt. App. # 11 at
115, 114. The court went on to state that “it rankles me to be having to
scab over this problem [that] could so easily have been avoided. . . . [B]y
giving this instruction, I’m pulling the case out of the ditch for the
government, and as I said, it rankles me to have to be doing that.” Id.
Aplt. App. # 11 at 113, 115. Ultimately, the jury convicted Ms. Farr,
and the district court sentenced her to thirty months in prison, three
years of supervised release, [**11] and $ 72,076.21 in restitution, but
suspended the sentence pending this appeal.
(Emphasis added)

The key term here is “have to.” Stephen P. Friot apparently thought it was
his obligation to pull “the case out of the ditch for the government.” A judge
is charged with functioning in the role of an umpire or referee. Umpires are
not supposed to help either side. The umpire is supposed to call balls and
strikes as he or she sees them.

In a second appeal, the Tenth

Farr was remanded to the District Court for the Western District of
Oklahoma, an office lawfully held by Stephen P. Friot. District Judge Friot
declined to dismiss on double jeopardy grounds. An appeal was taken, and a
decision rendered January 11, 2010. The decision is summarized in this
Furthermore, this court’s decision that there had been a constructive
amendment of the indictment was not per se a conclusion regarding the
sufficiency of the evidence. The Fifth Circuit has expressly held that a
constructive amendment does not bar retrial for the same offense. See, e.g.,
United States v. Mize, 820 F.2d 118, 119-20 (5th Cir. 1987) (concluding that
its reversal based on a constructive amendment of the indictment did not bar
defendant’s second conviction based on an indictment containing proper
allegations, because the court specifically held in its earlier opinion that it
had not reversed [*8] defendant’s conviction for insufficiency of the evidence
and that retrial was not barred by double jeopardy); see also United States v.
Pacheco, 434 F.3d 106, 116 (1st Cir. 2006) (indicating that even if the
defendant could win on his claims of constructive amendment, that would “at
most earn the defendant a retrial”). We recognized this when we explained
that the “erroneous constructive amendment” did “nothing to imply an
insufficiency in the evidence.” Farr, 536 F.3d at 1187. Because reversal for
constructive amendment does not itself engender double jeopardy concerns
and neither the district court nor this court made factual findings tantamount
to acquittal, the double jeopardy clause is not implicated by Farr’s retrial for
the same statutory violation.
(Emphases added) United States v. Farr, 2010 U.S. App. LEXIS 545,
7-8 (10th Cir. Okla. Jan. 11, 2010)

Technically the 10th Circuit is may be right, at least on some level, but
this does not absolve Stephen P. Friot of moral, legal, and ethical wrong.Mark
7:11 The oath of office taken by Stephen P. Friot requires that he uphold
the constitution and laws of the United States, and faithfully follow same, all
the time. The constitution entitled Skoshi Thedford Farr to a directed
verdict, and all the findings pertaining thereto. As the Court said in United
States v. Wiles, 106 F.3d 1516 (10th Cir. 1997):
[10] Defendant correctly points out, however, that this circuit has held
that when we reverse on appeal because of a procedural error at trial and
remand for a new trial, the prohibition against double jeopardy requires us to
address a defendant’s claim that the evidence presented at trial on the
reversed count was insufficient. United States v. Haddock, 961 F.2d 933, 934
(10th Cir.), cert. denied, 506 U.S. 828 (1992). Constrained by our precedent on
this matter, we vacate footnote four of our prior opinion and proceed to
discuss the sufficiency of the evidence of materiality against Defendant on the
false statements count.
(Emphases added)
Stephen P. Friot denied that to her, and furthermore failed to make the
factual findings, that the government had presented altogether insufficient
evidence to prove the crime actually charged by the grand jury against Ms.
Farr , in her first trial. There was no dereliction of duty by defense counsel.
His motion for judgment of acquittal is duly noted at the top of page 1179 of
the first opinion. The Tenth Circuit said you didn’t make the findings, which
Wiles declares to be mandatory. That leaves Stephen P. Friot in the here
and now with a constitutional duty to make the findings required in the first
instance, now, before proceeding any further against Ms. Farr.
Stephen P. Friot surely knew what call the constitution and
interpreting case law required, and made the exact opposite call, in just the
right manner to allow the government to obtain the full benefit of his action
in “pulling the government’s case out of the ditch.” Undersigned counsel is
aware that Stephen P. Friot prefers not to be reminded of Farr, once telling
Lindsey Springer that he sure knew how to make a fellow feel bad about that
case. But Jesus Christ exhorted those seeking forgiveness to “Produce fruit
in keeping with repentance.” [Matthew 3:8] His followers gave essentially
the same exhortation to others. [Acts 26:20]
The very day that Stephen P. Friot obeys the sacred oath he took upon
ascending to his high office, Ms. Farr will be a free woman. The fig leaf of
ignorance of the law (not generally a defense for ordinary citizens) or
oversight, or mistake, will be stripped away within 30 days, laid bare and
exposed to the world, by the acts of Stephen P. Friot in response to the words


A number of people have asked me how they can help. They want to know
what they can do to assist me with regard to this criminal prosecution.

Most of the time there is little that anyone else can do to assist, other than to
donate money, which is always greatly appreciated. However, there are
things that can be done, and desperately need to be done, to prepare the
people of this country, and indeed the world, for the economic holocaust that
is about to come upon us. I have listed those deemed most beneficial.

1.Acquire, use, and teach others the use of honest money.

One of the biggest reasons we have fallen into our sad condition is that we
have allowed powerful business interests to take control of our language and
by the control of language to effectively control our thought.42

We trade in little green pieces of papers we call ‟dollars.‶ For most of there is
not the slightest concern that we are now with a straight face calling
discontinued promises to pay dollars ‟dollars.‶

We are now at the point at which other countries have typically defaulted on
their debt. A default on our debt is likely to trigger a collapse of the currency,
in which the value of our FRPPN currency drops precipitously in a short
period of time.

Lots of people are squirreling away gold and silver coins, and that‵s a good
thing. However, saving up coins has only small value compared to showing
and teaching others how to conduct business in US legal tender gold and
silver coin.

The federal government in 1933 abrogated and forbade all promises to pay in
gold coin. Virtually no advanced society has insisted on the exchange of gold
or silver coin for every transaction. So long as promises to pay money, by
worthy obligors, are enforceable in courts, a very small stock of gold and
silver coin can facilitate vast amounts of exchange.

After the passage of sufficient time, the powerful people who hate honest
money felt confident enough to change the law, once again allowing gold or
silver contracts to be enforced legally. They were correct in believing that the
people, having been ‟weaned‶ from lawful money, would not return to it in
any great quantity. In fact most people didn‵t even notice.

Yes I do know about a case in Las Vegas in which the use of gold or silver coin
resulted in criminal prosecution. The first trial resulted in no convictions but
with hung jury verdicts. The second trial resulted in convictions.

In that case it appears that the lawful money was exchanged for labor and
immediately bought back using FRPPN. In order to gain the support of the
community, dealing in gold and silver coin needs a sufficiently large number
of persons holding and using such coin, to ensure that the coin is used for the
settlement of debt. The legality of buying coin back directly from and
employee who has just been paid may be unassailable, but the government
respects nothing but a likely refusal to convict. Don‵t expect an honest trial,

Keep in mind that an efficient economy will once again depend upon the
efficient and trustworthy promises to pay lawful money, made by honest and
financially responsible persons. Don‵t let the promises build up to a level
sufficient to seriously injure you financially. But the more efficient approach,
with persons that you trust, is to exchange promises to pay lawful money, and
settle accounts

How these lawful dollars are reported on tax returns, if at all, is a matter that
you must settle for yourself together with counsel in whom you have
confidence. I make no representations one way or another.

2.Create businesses that develop self sufficiency..

A.Buy a BCS tiller and accessories, and use it

You are probably asking yourself what this has to do with juice fasting,
criminal cases, or liberty. Actually, it has a massive amount to do with all
three of these topics.

First think about why anyone would want a BCS tiller, aka The Best Tiller on
Earth. Do you really want to tie up We don‵t really want another item to
maintain. We

Russian survival strategy.

Second, think about how the government attacks a political dissident. They
try to ruin him or her financially first. That‵s why the government worked
out a deal with Arkansas to have my law license suspended, on the most
insanely absurd, totally inadequate legal or factual grounds. All sorts of
other financially ruinous attacks were made as well. For example, I was sued
by a former client. The government essentially bribed certain private lawyers
to sue me and Lindsey Springer, claiming we had wronged them.

I counterclaimed. The case was later dismissed. No answer was ever filed
against the counterclaim complaint, and has not til this day. Two months
after the conclusion of the pleadings concerning default judgment, there is no
order from the judge.

B.Develop land for small scale food and timber production.




3.Find your raw material for the advancement of liberty,
and get to work.