Oscar Stilley started a juice fast/hunger strike today. The DOJ backed down from its threat to put Stilley in solitary confinement.

I started my juice fast/hunger strike today. I went to the dining hall as soon as I could get out the door this morning, entered the dish room, and started working with my friend Mike in the tray window. I took the glasses and the grapefruit at first. Then the door on the other side of the chow hall was shut, and we changed up a little bit. I started banging trays, with Mike taking the glasses and the fruit.

I got a full tray of grapefruit halves, which I juiced immediately after breakfast. I don’t juice the whole pile at once. I juice one piece of fruit, drink that, and then juice another one. I was fortunate that they had a fruit today that provides juice. The menu called for bananas, but experience told me that they don’t reliably follow the menu.

I came back to the unit and asked the counselors for the second floor of Marianna (units C & D) if the BOP intended to put me in solitary confinement. They said no. I asked if there was any intention to obtain any health information (weight, blood pressure, etc). They didn’t seem to have much information or interest about that, although the Program Statements say that such information should be collected. I’d like to have such information for my own benefit and the benefit of the taxpayers who pay to support me.

The DOJ blinked. The DOJ feels very threatened by anyone who with the willingness and ability to expose their studied neglect and callous disregard of human life. I am not juice fasting solely in a timorous attempt to protect my own health. I respectfully made it known to them that I intended to help other people with similar needs. It’s not enough to leave me alone to scavenge for my own juice fasting needs, BUT ITS A GREAT START!!!

I’ll continue my efforts to get reasonable accommodation for juice fasting, for federal prisoners, as a matter of official policy. Juice fasting would save a lot of tax money, as well as life and limb. I want the juice fasting, and I want the public to have reliable statistical information, from which they can draw their own conclusions about the benefits of juice fasting.