My weight declined from 165 Thursday to 162 yesterday, and down to 160 today. That’s about what I expected to lose from emptying the digestive tract. I might lose a little more before stabilizing.

Today I had enough oranges and grapefruit to make all the juice I wanted at a single sitting. I went to the chow hall before breakfast, and volunteered to take bang trays on one window. That turned out to be the “slow” window, because the guards, lazy as they are, shut one door to make it easier on themselves. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that this works one side to death, and leaves the other side with little to do.

I asked to trade with guy at the other window, and he obliged. It was too fast for me, and one of the table wipers came in and helped. He let me take the glasses and the fruit, while he banged the trays. That was just what we needed to keep up with the traffic. He later said he hoped that didn’t offend me. I was really impressed that he would have the social grace to do that. Of course I was delighted to have his help, and told him so. We worked together very efficiently, except for the few times I tried to help him do his job. Then we just got on top of each other.

I have been sleeping as much as I can, resting a lot, and minimizing my physical activity. That preserves energy for my body to use for cleaning and repair. I’ll get apples tomorrow, and I don’t know how efficient I can be extracting juice from them without tools. I know I can get some juice, I just don’t know how much.

If you’ve been thinking about it, this is a great time of year for a juice fast. There are a lot of good juicing fruits and veggies, and prepared juices, easily available and relatively inexpensive. It’s not very cold. Thanksgiving is still a month away. You can juice fast now and be ready to celebrate over the holiday season.

You’ll have a new appreciation for food after you do without it for a few days. You’ll feel better because your health will actually improve. Try juice fasting!!!