For commentary on days 3 and 4 of the juice fast/hunger strike,

The 3rd day of a fast is usually the most difficult, but not this time. This day three was a breeze, and I felt fine all day. I had fresh hand squeezed orange juice at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, in the morning and at noon I drank juice until my body began to gently tell me that I’d had enough.

Oranges were served the first two of those Sunday meals. I stashed some for the evening in a tray with a cover tray, and they were still there when I got back. If the guards find them they will typically throw them in the trash, because they assume someone is trying to take them out of chow hall.

I usually stash because I have more fruit than I can use for juice at a sitting. Otherwise I’d prefer to consume the juice immediately, since an adult human can store about 1,500 calories as glycogen. Once I’ve drank the juice, it’s safe from the guards. If I’m insecure about getting any more juice soon, I am just more conservative about expending energy. I want my body to have enough energy that it doesn’t skimp on its cleaning and repairing functions, that generally go along with a fast.

On the 4th day I had orange juice for breakfast, and once again successfully stashed some juicers for the evening. The oranges are small, but really sweet, with excellent juice. They’re already cut in half when we get them.

The prison doesn’t follow the menu reliably enough to depend on it. We were supposed to have apples on Sunday, but had oranges twice. The first day of the fast, Friday, October 22, 2010, they served oranges instead of bananas for breakfast, which was a lucky break for me. I assume that I will have to go up to one or two days at a time without juice, unless I get some accommodation from the prison.

I’m getting some good cleaning of my lungs again. I’m really pleased to feel that starting right away during this fast. I’d have to look at my notes, but I think my body has worked on my lungs during every fast I’ve done.