Days 9 and 10 of a juice fast. Oscar Stilley recounts how he learned to juice apples in a prison dishroom.

Friday, October 29, 2010 – Day 8

I tried to go to the dishroom early, on the recreation move. I explained that I was going to work, that I was juice fasting, and trying to get juice. The guards sent me back, but told me that I could go as soon as any of the units started going to breakfast. I went and sat on the concrete by a pillar, at my unit, and walked out when people started going to breakfast. No one challenged me.

I pulled glasses off the trays, and collected two trays of apples. A friend was working the window, and appreciated my help. At the end of the meal, oranges were served. I got enough oranges for that meal, and decided to discard the apples. I hadn’t yet figured out how to juice them with any degree of efficiency.

I tried to get green bean juice at lunch, but struck out on that effort. Sometimes you can get some, and sometimes you can’t. The oranges turned out to be the only juice of the day.

Saturday, October 30, 2010 – Day 9

I walked out on the recreation move, and sat in my spot until the proper time to leave. I went and pulled glasses again, and collected two trays of apples.

I was struggling with the apples, it just wasn’t working. Another friend in the lunch room came over and suggested that I put the apple half into a drinking glass, and push down on the apple with another glass. That didn’t work either. The apple just got tightly stuck in the glass, and I had to dig it out.

However, his idea gave me another idea. I put an apple half in a tray, and used the bottom of the glass to “bite” off a piece of the apple and crush it. These apples were mostly fairly soft, not what I’d consider an ideal juicing apple, but their softness made it relatively easy to crush them.

I’d crush about 4 halves, then put the mash into a beard guard or hair net, and squeeze the mash into a glass set in the middle of the biggest compartment of the tray. That way I caught most of the drips that missed the glass. I had to be careful to keep the pressure close to uniform around the wad, otherwise the thin material I was using would simply break. A better material would be something in the nature of cheesecloth, or a piece of bedsheet. It would need to be thin, and strong, and tightly woven sufficiently to only allow the juice to come out.

I juiced from about 8:00 to 9:00 AM and got a decent amount of juice, considering my time spent learning. The juice that I did get was first class, a sweet, clean juice. I stashed some apples for lunch, leaving a note with my name and the reason for saving the apples.

I came early for lunch, and helped both the morning and afternoon shifts. Both the guard for my unit and the unit below me saw me take up my position to wait for food service to start. They both talked to me, on pleasant terms. I explained what I was doing, and that satisfied them.

There was an alternative between an apple or a piece of cake at lunch. This resulted in less waste of both food items. Most people took the cake, so that left only a few untouched apples on trays. I was glad I had a stash.

After one side of the dishroom was clean, I went to the dish chute that served as my table, set up my equipment, and juiced the apples. I was getting better at it, and juiced all the apples I had in what I estimate to be a little over an hour. The juice was a real treat.

I cleaned up my mess and waited until the 2:00 move. It took me almost 3 hours total time to get that juice. I burned a lot of calories to get those apple juice calories, but I still figure that I came out ahead.

I tried that evening to get juice off the cooked mixed vegetables. However, the juice had apparently been drained off in the kitchen, and there was little juice remaining in the pans. I didn’t get any of that juice.

I weighed 155 pounds in the evening.