Four days after being directed to set an appointment for Stilley to see a physician, it still hasn’t happened. For more info about days 10-11 of the juice fast/hunger strike, click here

Day 10, Sunday, October 31, 2010

I got up early and tried to leave on the recreation move, to take up my customary spot at the pillar. We had a different guard named T. Curtis. He asked me what I was doing, and I explained. He asked what juice fasting was, and I took that opportunity to spread the good news, explaining that juice fasting remediates many serious illnesses.

He would not hear of it. He told me to wait until our unit was released to eat. We are 12th and last in the rotation this week, which means that I would get in on only the tail end of the meal.

I hurried to Food Service as fast as I could, when our unit was called, and started pulling glasses and apples off the trays. They were seconds of apples that I would call an applesauce apple, not a really good crisp eating apple. Even in this short period of time, I got two trays of apples, and quit scavenging a bit before the trays quit coming in.

However, as we were finishing up, one of the guards, D. Scott, came in and picked up my tray of apples. I explained that I was going to juice those apples right there, and drink the juice, for a juice fast. He responded that those particular apples would hit the trash, and dumped them in a trash can. He found my other tray and dumped that one in the trash as well.

Scott demeans, provokes, and antagonizes the inmates just because he can do it and get away with it. For example, he once confiscated a shirt and thermal top I wore as protection against their air conditioning system which has no thermostat. Someone told me, and I asked for it back. He refused to give it back then, telling me it would be in the lieutenant’s office. I went to the lieutenant’s office, but they didn’t have it. When I came back and asked him for it, before my shift was over, he told me to wait. He made me wait two hours, after my regular shift was over, and then gave it back, without explanation. Yet if one of his inmates arrives 3 minutes late, he’ll be harsh to them about it even though their actual work won’t start until much later.

As I left Food Service, Scott asked me “what do you have on you?” I responded “I don’t have anything. I only came for juice, and you took that.” He didn’t search me, he just let me leave.

I wound up the day with 70 calories from a V-8 juice I got in visitation. It was really good, I didn’t see puree on the label, and it tasted like an actual juice blend, without significant solids. They had adulterated “juice” with high fructose corn syrup, but I would not drink that. As far as I’m concerned, HFCS is one of the prime culprits behind an epidemic of lifestyle diseases now plaguing this country. That V-8 was the last one in the machine, so that’s all I got.

Day 11, Monday, November 1, 2010

A guard named Prince stopped me from going early today. I did gain about 5 minutes by slipping over to the adjoining housing unit. They are 9 in the feeding rotation, we are 12th. I got all the oranges I needed anyway, and stashed some for later. The friendly guard was there, I had no trouble.

I drank more juice at breakfast than I would have drank if I was not at least somewhat insecure of future supplies. Juice in my stomach can’t very well be confiscated. I had just the right amount of juice at lunch. I still have a small stash to juice when the evening meal is called.

I took a cop-out to the Assistant Food Service Administrator about the confiscation of my apples, and about not being allowed to go early to work and scavenge fruits. He was uncomfortable giving me relief on the confiscation of fruit due to sanitation and liability issues. He also denied the request for permission to come early, basically due to administrative complexities. I was satisfied with the hearing that he gave me, and cannot honestly fault him for his conclusions. He agreed that I would get juice if the doctor ordered it. I thanked him for his time, and left.

I didn’t get a call-out to the doctor on Friday, nor did I get one for Monday. I just looked, and I am not called out for Tuesday either. I perceive this as more stonewalling. The Lieutenant told them to do a call-out for me last Thursday. They’ve had plenty of time.