Stilley says that he plans to start eating on Friday…

Day 17 – Sunday, November 7, 2010

We had oranges twice today. I got plenty in the morning, and stashed a full tray of oranges for later. We’re now 9th instead of 12th in the feeding rotation, and that helps.

I tried straining the orange juice. It makes the finest pulp free orange juice that you can imagine. I filtered it through a beard guard, then put the beard guard inside my stronger cloth and squeezed on it. There was only a tiny bit of pulp left, along with the seeds. I concluded that it was quite unnecessary, in light of the slight amount of pulp that I would actually drink otherwise.

Some of my friends in the dishroom saw my note about the juice fast, and asked me about how it was going. I told them it was going fine. They thought the whole concept was interesting.

I collected enough oranges at lunch for my own purposes, and quit when day shift got there. He didn’t need my help, and I knew I had plenty. I got all the juice I wanted three times today.

Day 18 – Monday, November 8, 2010

I had just a bit of vertigo, or balance problems, early this morning. I was thirsty, and drank, but still had a bit of that feeling that I should walk slower than usual and be careful with my balance, lest I fall. It mostly went away later in the morning.

I wonder if this might be a “healing crisis” related to whatever physical condition caused me to pass out and fall in the bathroom some time ago. Often a juice fast will cause a mild form of the very symptoms that your body is trying to remedy. For example, an injured limb may hurt as a result of the body’s effort to repair on that particular part. For me that feeling has always been mild, more in the nature of information rather than serious pain.

I had all the orange juice I wanted this morning. I got probably 5 oranges in the first minute of work, then the pace slowed back to normal. I’m not sure why they came so fast and furious at that point in time.

There was a choice at lunch between ice cream and an orange. Almost any choice cuts waste. I got about 5 or 6 oranges, a very good haul considering the circumstances.

I got two glasses of spinach juice in the evening. It wasn’t as good as the collard green juice. It was hard to get any quantity of it off a full pan, the nature of the leaves stopped up the pouring. it was poured from under a plastic cover, which did keep nearly all the leaves out of it. I left the leaves in the bottom of the glass.

Day 19 – Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I got plenty of oranges this morning, actually way too many. Apparently someone complained that the trays for Special Housing Unit “SHU” or punitive segregation, were cold. None of us could understand that because the trays were still warm when we dumped them, untouched, into the trash. I got the oranges out of those trays, sharing them with everyone that wanted any. The other guys mostly just had their fill of cinnamon rolls.

I also got apples, juiced some, and stashed the rest.

We dumped a half a trash can full of milk. The milk comes in little plastic bags, which were in a bigger plastic bag, which was in a plastic crate. The milk was never taken out of its container. I asked the guard why we couldn’t just put that milk back in the cooler. He assured me that just wasn’t within the realm of possibilities. It just hurt to see that much waste.

I stayed straight through lunch, working the dish room for “short line” (the meal for Food Service workers), and also “main line,” for all inmates. I collected a few more oranges during that meal, and had plenty left for the evening.


Unless some good reason presents itself to do otherwise, I intend to resume the consumption of solid food on Friday morning. This has been a very good fast, and I am very pleased with the results.

In prison, it is more difficult to restart eating than it is in the free world. On the outside, I would start with live culture yoghurt, lightly oiled popcorn, fruits, and vegetables. Soups and breads would come thereafter, then fish and chicken, then red meat. I’d eat regular, small meals. I’d add in more difficult to digest foods in small amounts first, increasing to larger amounts, until my digestive system was back to normal.

Here, I’ll have fruits but little or no vegetables. I can get microwave popcorn, which has more oil than I would choose, but it will have to do. I can’t get live culture yoghurt. Generally speaking, I’ll get whatever is served, which might or might not be helpful to a gentle restart.