Day 20 – Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I left 3 trays of apples, unmarked, and 2 trays of oranges marked as Oscar Stilley’s juice fast stash. My juice fast stash was left, the apples were thrown away. I was nervous about marking too much as a juice fast stash…

Oranges were also served in the morning. It looked like an orange on the outside and lemon on the inside. I got two trays and could have gotten more. The inmates didn’t like them, for obvious reasons.

I juiced the stashed oranges and drank that juice, throughout the morning. Then I juiced the new oranges and drank that juice. They yielded a little over half as much juice as a good orange. I strained that juice through a hair net because such a large amount of pulp got into the juice. The look and taste of the juice was that of a really good, properly sweetened lemonade.

I worked the lunch shift. Hamburgers were served, bananas were also served. I like working, it makes the time go by better. I got to work with my friend Mike, and that makes it even better.

In the evening I got a small amount of spinach juice, about half a glass. Collard green juice pours well and tastes really good. The juice off of cooked spinach is really hard to pour and isn’t as good.

We have a new man in the dishroom. He’s mentally ill. I told my favorite guard. He responded that he knew and so did everybody else. However, there are no plans to relieve him of employment or place him in custody suitable for his condition.

He’s behaving in a way that will get him hurt. He falsely accused my friend Mike of cursing him. If Mike ever utters a vulgarity it’s extremely rare. The next day he asked me if I intended to insult him, despite the fact that I had scarcely looked at him, and with a smile at that. Another inmate told me that he was going to hit the fellow if he kept up his behavior. I asked him to disregard anything the man said, explaining that he was clearly mentally ill.

This prison is socialistic to the core. Socialism destroys the incentive to do things right, to improve operations, to function in a competent manner. Socialism is corrosive and damaging to everything that it touches. This mentally ill inmate is another victim of socialism, compliments of the US Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Day 21 – Thursday, November 11, 2010

We had grapefruit this morning as per the menu. I got 18 grapefruit halves, juiced every one, and drank the juice. It made a very tasty juice with great grapefruit flavor and little pulp.

I got 7 grapefruit halves at lunch, 4 that Mike saved for me from the breakfast “SHU” (punitive segregation) trays, and 3 from working the dishroom. They had a choice between grapefruit and brownies, which by reputation were really good brownies.

I walked in the recreation yard for about an hour and a half, in the afternoon. Weight is now 151 pounds with normal hydration.

I drank 4 glasses of carrot juice in the evening. It was really good and had no oil on top.

Friday, November 12, 2010 AM

I broke the fast with popcorn this morning. I wish I knew at the least the difference between my starting blood pressure and finishing blood pressure, but I don’t. The administration of this prison has studiously avoided learning anything about the effect that juice fasting has on human health.

What will happen the next time someone like Verlyn “Yellow Bear” is knocking on death’s door as a result of their black mold, created by their own negligence? For starters, they’ll probably ignore them, and pretend their administrative requests were never submitted. That’s standard practice with respect to matters for which they don’t have a good answer.

If they have to talk, they’ll probably say the same thing they did this time, when I was able to discuss it with responsible officials. We have no evidence that juice fasting actually works. Why should we accommodate your efforts to try this “extreme” remedy, without any evidence that it works?

No one is so blind as he who does not want to see.