The Arkansas Supreme Court issued an order of disbarment against Oscar Stilley on November 4, 2010. Stilley has filed a motion asking for access to his computers, computer files, internet research, and related items. The Bureau of Prisons denies its inmates these benefits, which in the computer age are necessary to reasonably access the courts. This request is made with respect to a planned petition for rehearing. However, Stilley says that he does not intend to file the petition for rehearing if he is denied the resources that he needs to effectively brief the Arkansas Supreme Court with respect to the petition for rehearing.

Stilley also renews his motion for recusal. As grounds he points out the fact that the justices were both accusers and deciders in a previous disciplinary case against Stilley. The Court also made a ruling which, taken at face value, renders part of their own salary an illegal exaction. Challenged to reconcile the conflict in its opinions, the Court instead attacked Stilley’s license to practice law. Stilley’s final challenge? He suggests that if the Court truly believes a tribunal consisting of disinterested jurists would come to the same conclusion, they have nothing to lose by recusing and letting the Arkansas governor appoint special justices, for the petition for rehearing. To read the full text of the motion….

 Motion In Disbarment Case