Oscar Stilley recently spent 3 days in Special Housing Unit, aka “SHU” aka “the hole,” ostensibly because he said in reference to his breakfast food that “Y’all gave me this food, and I’m going to eat it.” The facts are that Warden Outlaw’s administration has threatened Stilley with SHU almost from the moment they learned that he was the inmate who filed a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The prison has used this occasion to fire Stilley from his job filling soap, paper towel, and toilet paper dispensers in Food Service — and to replace him with nobody.

Good hygiene provides more to the taxpayers than just reduced medical costs. Released inmates often get low wage jobs in the food service, preparation, or other food related industries. Poor cleanliness and hygiene habits create a public safety hazard. Prisons should thoroughly condition inmates to follow good hygiene practices.

Stilley has sent a letter to the Warden outlining the basis for his complaint, and making certain suggestions to Warden Outlaw’s administration. Read the letter here…

Letter to Warden Outlaw

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Article