I was given breakfast on Saturday, November 20, 2010, a foggy day, and chased out of the cafeteria about 5 minutes later. When I protested an attempt to seize and discard my food, I was put in punitive segregation for 3 days, and given other punishments.

This is an appeal of the punishments. Warden Outlaw denied my appeal at the prison, saying that the word of prison guards is presumed true. However, there is no dispute as to material facts. The question is whether my food is subject to arbitrary seizure when Warden Outlaw has told the press that inmates get an hour to eat if they want it.

I turned Warden Outlaw’s maxim back against him. I argued that if BOP personnel are presumed to tell the truth, then Regional should ensure that Warden Outlaw does not routinely make false statements about the operation of the prison. I set forth three examples of obvious, persistent falsehoods that should be corrected, if a presumption of the truthfulness of BOP employees is to be used as a basis for decision in disputes with inmates. Regional has a duty to ensure that Warden Outlaw does not operate the prison on the basis of open and notorious falsehoods.

Appeal of Punishment-011811

Appeal to Regional Officer-011811