This document is a posting to inform the public of the filing of a motion with the US Supreme Court, asking them to prohibit the DOJ from interfering with Stilley’s use of his own assets to access the courts.

Stilley has filed a motion with the US Supreme Court, asking them to prohibit the US Department of Justice (DOJ) from actively interfering with Stilley’s use of his own resources to access the courts. This motion is made with respect to an order of disbarment entered by the Arkansas Supreme Court on November 4, 2011. Stilley also asks for an extension of time, or a stay of proceedings, so that he will have a reasonable opportunity to prepare and file a petition for certiorari.

As a prison inmate Stilley has no access to the statutes, rules, and other authorities of the State of Arkansas. Without that information it is impossible to prepare a presentable petition for certiorari. If the DOJ did not interfere, Stilley could access all of those resources through his subcription to Lexis-Nexis. Many of these resources are available for free on the internet. Stilley could get information through the internet if the DOJ didn’t prevent him from having his computer and internet connection device. Stilley is not asking the DOJ to give him anything, but rather to cease interfering with Stilley’s receipt and use of that which he already has, or can acquire with his own funds or the funds of benefactors.

The motion explains that the relief sought is required by prior decisions of the US Supreme Court. Such relief provides positive benefits to the corrective function of the prison system, and to society at large. Read the motion here…

Motion to Prohibit Interference-Supreme Court-012111