The 10th Circuit panel assigned to US v. Stilley & Springer has once again offered to allow Stilley to file a separate brief, of 7,000 words. They’ve also asked Stilley to clearly advise the panel whether he wants a court appointed lawyer or not.

Stilley responded to say that he respectfully declines any appointed lawyer, and furthermore declines to file a separate brief, so long as the Court refuses to discipline the DOJ for open, flagrant violations of Stilley’s 1st Amendment right to peacefully petition for the redress of grievances. To read the pleading click here.

Stilley has submitted a filing to adopt Springer’s brief. It appears that the case will proceed with Springer’s brief and Stilley’s adoption pleadings. Stilley continues to claim the right to file a full 14,000 word brief, after removal of the DOJ’s interference with his constitutional rights.