FCC Forrest City-Low sent out a survey to inmates. This post consists of my response.

I’ve tried repeatedly to get this prison to try to upgrade its operations. Right now it’s nearly impossible to effectively teach literacy or computer literacy. We have no newspaper or magazine racks, or bookshelves, in the housing units. The official library, for some 2,000 inmates, has seating for about 30 inmates. It is routinely overcrowded, and persons having no seat are often chased out. The prison subscribes to relatively few periodicals, and those subscriptions often lapse for months at a time. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is deliberately withheld for several days as a matter of policy, to discourage inmates from reading it. Editions that have stories critical of the prison generally get “lost.”

This situation is not the result of inertia. Its the result of a policy that so fears an educated inmate population that it is willing to sabotage educational opportunities to keep inmates ignorant and disorganized.

The taxpayers spend huge amounts of money operating this prison. They ought to get at least some positive results for their “investment.” This is my offer to assist the prison by providing educational opportunities to inmates at no extra cost to the taxpayers. Read more here.

Response to Survey-040811