Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Regional evaded the issues presented with respect to the confiscation of my food, on a foggy morning last year. I’ve already served my “sentence” for the incident. My appeals focus on correcting the follies that gave rise to the dispute in the first place. The Warden told the press inmates in his custody have plenty of time to eat their food. The truth is that they are routinely denied a reasonable time to eat. Such policies result in the wastage of huge amounts of food bought by taxpayers.

In my case I just asked to be able to eat somewhere. I was told to go back in the dining room to eat. But when I went back in, the correctional officer followed me, and took me to the SHU for doing the very thing he sent me into the dining hall to do — namely, to eat my food.

I’m neither predicting a win, nor conceding defeat. The BOP Administrative Appeal apparatus is generally regarded as a farce, little more than a rubber stamp to support adverse actions against inmates. I wish to be heard not only by the National Appeal office, but also by my friends the taxpayers, who pay for the waste occasioned by the foolish policies of the BOP and its prisons.

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