Stilley went on hunger strike beginning February 18, 2011. There was a vast chasm between the written rules set out in the Program Statements by the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and the actual treatment accorded to Stilley during the hunger strike.

Lieutenant Ricolcol blamed his subordinates and others for the violations of basic rights during the hunger strike. Therefore I asked him to sign a paper and put it on the cell doors of hunger strikers, so as to remove any “plausible deniability” of the rules. Lt. Ricolcol responded that only the Warden could make such an agreement.

The attached letter and 12 paragraph statement of the rights of hunger strikers was sent to Warden Outlaw on May 19, 2011. Read them both…

Letter to Warden Outlaw-051811

Agreement on Conditions for Hunger Strikes