An organization called the American Correctional Association, (ACA) accredits detention and correctional facilities. The federal prison complex at Forrest City, AR, is seeking accreditation. I have obtained a copy of the standards for Adult Correctional Facilities, 4th Edition. I have drafted a list of the standards most flagrantly violated by the Warden Outlaw’s administration of this prison. The list is attached to the blog post as a pdf.

This prison is not merely negligent or careless concerning the health of inmates, it is openly hostile to it. This prison flagrantly violates a host of standards promulgated by the ACA, for the operation of an Adult Correctional Facility.

These issues do matter to the ordinary citizen. With the economic crisis brewing in DC, it’s almost certain that this country will no longer be able to incarcerate at 5 times the rate of the civilized world. We don’t have the money, and at some time our creditors are going to recognize that we will never repay the debt that we are now contracting. Federal debt is a game of musical chairs, dependent upon an ever growing group of gullible lenders.

This blog posts explain the reasons why it is in YOUR health, safety, and economic interests to require your government to treat prisoners in a humane manner. You can click through to the list of violations from the blog proper and view an Index of Pertinent Standards and Expected Practices (See “ACA-062711”).

ACA Document-070911