This is a letter to the Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints, complaining against the refusal, to enter a default judgment in favor of Oscar Stilley. The counterclaim complaint involved has been fully briefed for almost a year and a half. Repeated requests have been denied. Carlos Chappelle, the sitting judge has refused without legal cause, to enter the default judgment in favor of Oscar Stilley. Deborah Shallcross, whose term expired early this year, likewise refused to rule on the motion, despite repeated polite request.

The facts are fairly complex. However, the facts suggest that operatives from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) are intervening into the litigation, in order to prevent or at least delay the entry of a default judgment in favor of Oscar Stilley. DOJ operatives appear to be the movers and shakers in the litigation, from the very inception to the present.

This letter asks the Council to intervene in order to require Judge Chappelle to perform the duties of his office. The letter also asks for an investigation, to determine why both Chappelle and Shallcross have refused to promptly discharge their judicial obligations. To read the letter click here…

Letter to OK Council on Judicial Complaints-071411