This is a description of conditions of the hunger strike commenced on 07/15/11…

It took over four hours to talk my way into SHU (Special Housing Unit, aka “the hole”) for my hunger strike. Political protest is not well received in prison.

There was an incident report (aka “shot”) written on me for persisting in commencing a hunger strike. I received 30 days loss of phone and Trulincs (email) privileges. I defended on grounds, including but not limited to:

1. Warden Outlaw and Lt. Ricolcol both told me after my first hunger strike that it was my legal right, which would be respected. Captain Howard said the same thing after the hunger strike was under way.

2. U.S. Supreme Court case law says it is protected by the 1st Amendment.

3. The Program Statements have policy for hunger strikes, which presume the legitimacy of the same.

The first night I had only a five foot sleeping mat with two “half sheets.” I was soon cold and shivering. Midnight shift saw it and had mercy. They gave me a regular mat and two full size sheets (which were twice as wide as the others) and a blanket.

After three days, they started letting me have salt. Medical told the guards not to interfere with me getting salt off the trays. I am so grateful!

I have my legal material but they still haven’t let me have: 1) a new notepad, 2) educational books, 3) radio and batteries, 4) thermal underwear (yes, it sometimes gets that cold in July), 5) postage stamps.

I am entitled to all of this under the Program Statements. Last time, I brought a notepad while on hunger strike.

I am sending this in the last of two dispensed envelopes. I have no access to any stamps, so if you are reading this, there is another story about how this made it through the mail.

[Note: A complete paragraph inserted here of Oscar’s letter is completely blotted out; not sure if it was done by Oscar or by others.]

I still have lights on 24/7 despite repeated polite requests for lights out. The cruelty of this practice is hard to comprehend until it is experienced.