I commenced a 40 day hunger strike on July 15, 2011. I was written an Incident Report, (AKA “shot”) and punished, because I refused to be dissuaded from the hunger strike, by the skilled rhetoric of a veritable parade of BOP employees.

There was a marked improvement in the treatment that I received on hunger strike this time, compared to the treatment received in the previous hunger strike. I received the salt off the food trays morning and at lunch, but not generally in the evenings. As a result, I suffered far less dehydration.

However, my treatment was still far from that which is required by official policy, as set forth in the Program Statements. I have filed a BP9 to Warden Outlaw, asking that the shot be expunged, and that remedial action be taken to ensure that in the future, this prison complies with the Program Statements applicable to hunger strikers and other persons in Administrative Detention. To read the text of this BP9, submitted to the Warden on 9-15-2011, click here.  Appeal of Shot for Hunger Strike-091911