On 3-15-2012, I mailed out my appeal of the denial of access to the courts, to National BOP Offices in Washington, DC. Regional offices took the position that there was no proof that any staff had interfered with my right of access to the courts. The attachment to the National appeal, published herewith as the body of a blog post, debunks this absurd argument and challenges National to either respect the well-established legal right of inmates to receive, possess, and use their own property and rights to property, to the preserve and protect their legal rights, or else to promptly deny the claim.

A denial of the claim gives me the right to sue in District Court. This right has been obstructed by the US Department of Justice for the approximately 23 months that I have been incarcerated. Knowing that their position is legally untenable, the BOP strategy seems to be to delay as long as possible. Read more here…

Letter to National-031512