Just about 30 minutes ago I came home and found a regular letter from Oscar. It has no postmark since it had no stamp. He simply wrote the word “frank” where the stamp should of been. Praise the Lord it made it here. It is a single page wrote with a pitiful thing called a pencil. SHU pencils must be some kind of safety device writing instrument. I can hardly read the thing. Oscar did ask to post to his blog the following words…

I declared a hunger strike on Sunday 7-15-2012, exactly 1 year after declaring the previous hunger strike. I told Lt. Reddick that I intended to establish the right to hunger strike in conformity with the program statements. The program statements are the rules governing the treatment of prisoners in their custody.

The declaration was met with extreme hostility. My list of things to which I claimed the right to possess in SHU during hunger strike was taken. I got not one single item.

I asked for an NIV paperback bible and small NKJV New Testament. I have no Bible and no stamps. I am going to try to send this letter out by writing “frank” where the stamp should go.

I asked for a commissary sheet to buy stamps since they won’t let me have mine. They would not give me the commissary sheet.

My blood sugar level was 53 yesterday and 35 tonight. They offer Ensure. I ask for V-8. They are trying hard to dehydrate me. At first they took my salt off the tray, or just did not present a tray. Then they started to leave the salt on the tray but said “that if the salt was eaten they would treat that as an eaten meal and put me back on the compound. I won’t take salt on those terms.

It hurts my fingers to write this short letter with this wretched pencil. In sum this hunger strike is about the rule of law-does it exist in federal prison, or not?

CONTACT INFORMATION TO HELP OSCAR (cut and paste email addresses):

Forrest City Prison – Timothy C. Outlaw, FCC Forrest City Warden – Fax: (870) 494-4496; Email: for/execassistant@bop.gov

Bureau of Prisons, South Central Regional Office – Gerardo Maldonado, Jr. – (214) 224-3389; Email: scro/execassistant@bop.gov

Charles E. Samuels, Jr., Director Federal Bureau of Prisons – Email: info@usdoj.gov

Eic H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General of the U.S – AskDOJ@usdoj.gov