I came home from work about 30 minutes ago and found a regular letter from Oscar dated 8-2-12.  The letter had a regular stamp on the envelope.  He said he was able to get stamps two days ago.  He says that he is in HS (High Security).  He is still fasting and on day 19.  He has lost 12 pounds, down from 165 to 153.  They have quit taking his salt rations for now. He sounds in good spirits.  He has a Bible and is reading in Jeremiah; my favorite Prophet.

They would not let Oscar send a farewell email or get his stuff from his cell.  He wants everyone to know he is doing well but in HS with little communication available.  He appreciates his families prayers and concern.  He invites everyone that would like to show solidarity to join him for a 5 day fast; but only if you can do it with joy and happiness.  He says to drink the best juice available and draw closer to the Lord.

May the Lord bless and keep you, Oscar.