I’ve just posted to my blog an intention to hunger strike against Senator Mark Pryor, commencing April 15, 2013. The blog post has a link to a letter to Senator Pryor, explaining my reasons and demands.  The letter has links to several other documents as well.  The blog post also announces an upcoming book, which is not yet available but will be soon, entitled “Letters From an Outlaw Federal Prison.”  It will be available for free as a downloadable file, and for $2.99 as an Ebook on Amazon.

I’ve been imprisoned for allegedly failing to comply with an “information collection request” that the IRS will not give to me or make public.  Furthermore, I am denied the use of my own property to prepare a defense.  It is for these and other reasons that I am planning the upcoming hunger strike…

A substantial number of people have asked me what they can do to help me, since I am in prison. Up until this time, I haven’t had a good response to that question. Now, I do. I have written a book, entitled “Letters From an Outlaw Federal Prison”.  It will be available free in Word or PDF, and will be sold as an eBook on Amazon, for $2.99. At a proper time, I will announce the availability of the book on various social media, including this blog.

Why $2.99? That’s the lowest price I can put on the book and still get Amazon’s lowest sales commission. That bought less than a minute of my time, when I practiced law. This price gives my supporters a means of “keeping score.” And I rather doubt that the price will be a “deal killer” for anyone who seriously values what I have to say.

I DON’T want you to buy the book until April 15. I’m giving you some lead time, so you can talk to your friends; use social media, etc, to build support. Everyone is encouraged to take the free electronic version, if they want it. Read it, skim read it, read the introduction (which includes a summary), skip around through it, search for terms of interest — read it any way you want to read it. If you like the book, or some part of it, tells your friends.

Then — if you want to help me — buy a copy of the book, on April 15, 2013. Get as many of your friends as possible to buy copies the same day. If you want to help me more than $2.99, buy more than one and give the extras away. I’d much rather sell ten copies for $2.99 than one copy for $29.90. They probably keep track of how many unique purchasers download the book, so get as many of your friends to log on to Amazon and buy the book, as possible.

Why April 15? Because I am in prison for the failure to comply with an “information collection request” that the IRS refuses to provide to me. In fact, the IRS has refused to acknowledge my letter asking that this “information collection request” be provided to me. If the IRS chooses to make a deadline for me, why shouldn’t the same day be a deadline for them? I want to get the highest possible ranking on Amazon, on that day. Amongst other things, I want to put pressure on the IRS to provide me with the “information collection request” relied upon for my incarceration.

Also, I’ve been denied access to my property, necessary to defend my legal interests, in the criminal appeal and otherwise. The Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Prisons (DOJ-FBOP) has chosen to ignore my appeal, to National offices of the DOJ-FBOP, with respect to my right of reasonable access to the courts. They know that if they ever give me a straight shot at that issue, I’ll win. They intend to cheat me out of it. I don’t intend to let them.

I have written a LETTER to Senator Mark Pryor. The letter includes a number of embedded links to other documents. This will provide you with plenty of reading material while final edits are made to the book, in preparation for publication.

The sum and substance of the book is this. The seemingly intractable problems facing America are all homemade. Virtually all of them spring from our own contradictory and conflicting goals and aspirations. American problems have much the same root causes as those currently facing much of Europe. They’re not “unfixable,” either. As soon as we claim responsibility and commence to making fundamental changes to the way we think, we will set ourselves on the long path to solving our problems. We CANNOT return to greatness while insisting that the more than $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities of the US government can be “made good” by a few policy tweaks here and there.

The letter to Senator Pryor sets forth basic steps that can be taken to relieve some of the structural stresses in our society. I’m also advising Senator Pryor that I will hunger strike against him, on or after April 15, 2013, unless corrective action is taken with respect to certain identified matters. Judge for yourself whether or not my requests are reasonable. If Senator Pryor needs more time, I will accommodate, within reason.


Great question, I’m glad you asked. As I told Senator Pryor in the letter, we can save $230 million PER MONTH at the DOJ-FBOP alone, while doing a vastly better job of correcting bad behavior. That’s real money that ought to be flowing back into the Treasury, which you as a citizen and taxpayer are liable to replenish. Of equal importance is the fact that these changes will actually make you safer, and improve society a generation hence. If he objects that these changes are too favorable for federal prisoners, remind him I ask for no parole or good time that isn’t already offered in various state correctional systems around the country.


That’s a fair question and I’ll answer it, by the following numbered list.



The US Congress just recently criticized the Kremlin for the death of Sergei Magnitsky. But as I explained in my letter, people are killed by the recklessness and gross negligence of the DOJ-FBOP, all the time. And if I wait until I’m in serious trouble to make an issue out of it, I’m toast.

Make it clear that you expect all the information concerning my medical condition to stream out of this prison, on a continuous and reliable basis, as long as I am on hunger strike. The homicidal tendencies of the DOJ-FBOP start with a contempt for their own written rules. Disregard for the written rules just keeps getting more pervasive and more flagrant, unless and until someone stops it.

I’ve done everything in my power to make killing me more difficult and politically expensive. It’s your turn now. Cover my back.

Give Senator Pryor a fair chance. He should receive my letter two weeks before I start the hunger strike. I’ll make his response available on the blog, for the world to read. If he does his job well, let him know you appreciate it. If not, there is one other thing you can do for me, if you so choose.


I already heard it many times. I can’t! Fasting makes me sick! I get nauseous! I can’t function! I couldn’t go to work, or do ordinary household tasks!!! You’re kidding, Oscar — aren’t you??

Of course you get sick! What did you expect? When you quit eating, your body detoxifies. If you’re not ready, your kidneys especially won’t be able to handle the toxins released, and you will feel ill.

So do a kidney cleanse for three weeks before you start. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time for a kidney cleanse and a nice long sympathy hunger strike. A kidney cleanse in its most basic form is simply laying off the meat and dairy for three weeks, taking a hydrangea root capsule three times a day, drinking apple juice (preferably cloudy or fresh squeezed) as your customary drink, drinking lots of water and urinating regularly. There are some other herbs and minerals you can and should take to improve efficiency and you should research Google for ways to get the best effect. But this simple regimen will do the trick sufficiently, even if that’s all you have.

When you’re through with that, do a liver cleanse. Find it two or three places on the internet and read about it. Responsible people change the oil & filter in their car on a predetermined schedule, to protect the engine, enhance its useful life, and keep it operating at high efficiency. The kidneys filter your blood; the liver defends your body against many toxins. Don’t you think it would be smart to clean the filters from time to time? People should do kidney and liver cleanses periodically, for all the reasons they change engine oil and filters. Protect your human engine and keep it running at peak efficiency.

When the filters are clean, you can do a juice fast.  A hunger strike is in essence a fast with an attitude.  Kidney and liver cleanses don’t compel you to do a juice fast.  They get your body ready for it, if you should so decide.

Drink lots of juice from greens of all kinds – kale, collards, turnip, carrot top, beet top, etc.  Read about the benefits of each.  Drink a glass of that juice, and chase it with carrot, beetroot, sweet potato, V8 or similar juices.  If you like, chase that with a fruit juice.  Fresh raw is best, but by no means the only suitable option.  Make sure everything is pulp free.  Strain anything that has any substantial pulp in it.  NO SOLID FOOD WHATSOEVER!  Caffeine free teas are fine.  NO STIMULANTS, NO INTOXICANTS!  I like those just as well as you do – but do yourself a favor, and save that for a celebration later.

Drink lots of water, and urinate regularly.  You’re dumping toxins stored in fat.  Don’t let them re-absorb into your body.  Don’t run low on water, and don’t run low on electrolytes.  If you have questions, email oscar@oscarstilley.com.  That’s a monitored box, and you can get some help.

When your blood sugar falls below 60, bring it back up.  Force your body to use fat for energy, but don’t run your body too low on energy.  Cut off the vegetable and fruit juices long enough to see what it takes to run your blood sugar into the fifties.  Then top off the glycogen tank with about 2000 calories of juice over the course of perhaps a day.  Switch to water until your blood sugar falls below 60 again.  Do that several times, so you’ll know what it feels like.  You’ll see the patterns emerge.  You can function on water only for longer than you may think.

When people ask how you’re losing weight, tell them you’re on hunger strike, and why.  Give them the address to the blog, the name of the book, etc.  If you lose a lot of weight and start feeling gutsy, wear a T-Shirt that says “On Hunger Strike for Oscar Stilley.”  That’ll strike up some conversations!

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not a “real” hunger strike because you take care of your health.  If I let my blood sugar get too low for too long, DOJ-FBOP medical personnel will put a tube down my nose and put Ensure in my stomach.  I can drink or take a tube – my choice.

Obtain and record the following information both before and after the hunger strike; 1) blood pressure, 2) triglycerides and cholesterol, and 3) hemoglobin A1C.  Log your weight on a daily basis.  Make a graph, and put it on the wall.  Put dots on the graph to reflect your weight, and whatever else interests you.  If you like, keep track of your blood sugar.  There are enough diabetics around that you should be able to find some equipment and supplies for the duration of the hunger strike.  Blood pressure equipment probably isn’t too hard to come by either.  Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor or other medical professional you trust – it’s worth the money.

If you accurately log your total caloric intake over time, and also log your blood sugar readings, you’ll soon figure out how your body reacts.  The palest ink beats the sharpest memory.  After a while, you will associate the way you feel with a given blood sugar.  You’ll also know how far you can go on a full tank of glycogen, at various levels of physical activity.

I hope someone will create a template to use a database or spreadsheet to keep track of this information.  It could have substantial research value.  If it is in a standardized format, it should be fairly easy for someone to do meaningful analysis of the numbers.

If you’re too thin to lose much weight, remember that a juice fast can be used to gain weight.  Research that question on Google if you like.  Also, you can recruit someone else that needs to lose weight.  Coach them, encourage and help them.

Prepare well for the resumption of eating.  Use this as an opportunity to upgrade your diet and your lifestyle.  Do 60 days of strength training after you’re done, to get your muscles in good condition.  Exercise hard for a short period of time.  Get your heart rate up, rest, repeat….until you know your muscles will be mildly sore the next day.  Exercise your muscles at maximum extension, to stretch them out and give you flexibility.  Wait 2-3 days, repeat.  Research online, share the best finds with your friends.

If you don’t want to do this, I understand.  People have asked how they can help me.  This is my response.  This is one way that helps me and helps the sympathy hunger striker too.  You can quietly prepare yourself for the hunger strike – your body will thank you for it.  Getting ready DOES NOT commit you to do a hunger strike.

Then, if you want to hunger strike, announce your intention publicly.  Inform the target of your hunger strike and the reasons for it.  A “secret hunger strike” is rather a contradiction of terms.  Hunger striking is 1st Amendment protected expressive activity, a recognized political tool for “the poorly financed causes of little people.”  You don’t have to start when I do, or continue your hunger strike until I quit – go as long as you like.  If you’re going to hunger strike in sympathy with the hunger strike I will commence on April 15, 2013, I hope you’ll email oscar@oscarstilley.com and say that you intend to do that for me.  My FaceBook page, or some other social media site, can be a forum for people to share their experiences and help each other with advice and encouragement.

Yes, I’m trying to help you too.  It’s not just about me.  The life you save could be your own.

That’s it!  Thanks for listening.