This blog post sets forth a summary of the reasons that Oscar Stilley is going on hunger strike on April 15, or “tax day.” The post has links to pdf and Word versions of his book, as well as other documents.

On 3-27-2013, I made a post to the blog entitled “Hunger Strike Coming Up” with a link to a fairly lengthy LETTER setting forth my reasons for hunger striking against him.  The letter includes links to a number of supporting documents.

I’ve written a book entitled “Letters From An Outlaw Federal Prison.”  The key thrust of the book is an objective analysis of US government and society, with a basic overview showing how our society has changed from one of the most liberty loving societies in the world, to its current position characterized by heavy debt, oppressive taxes, regulation, incarceration, militarism, chronic disease, disability, and social decay.  Much of Europe as well as some parts of Asia have patterned at least part of their governmental structure on the US model, often through at least some form of coercion from Washington, DC.  Other parts of the world are analyzed partly from their value to the basic argument, and partly in support of an argument to the effect that loving one’s own enemies can be both logical and practical, without resort to any religious theory at all.

The book expressly denies that it is a religious work, even though the bible is heavily cited, at least in certain chapters.  Jesus claimed to BE “truth.”  He didn’t claim that he was “religious” truth.  In fact, he didn’t qualify his claim to being truth in any way.  If Jesus’ claim to BE truth is accurate, then there should be no divergence whatsoever between Jesus’ claims, and objective truth.

The book is available free in electronic format, in PDF and WORD formats.  I said that I intended to have the book published as plan to sell the book in eBook or print on demand format.  Those options aren’t yet available.  I hope my friends will promote this book as widely as possible.  If you like an excerpt or quote, cut it out and share it with your friends.

A decent respect for the opinions of my friends and the public requires me to set forth a reasonably succinct summary of my reasons for my impending hunger strike.  This matter is more involved than a mere criminal case.  This matter draws into question the nature of American government, which is in large part simply a reflection of American society.

I’ve been imprisoned for the failure to comply with an “information collection request” directed toward my co-defendant Lindsey Springer.  The indictment accused me of committing evasion of Springer’s taxes, by amongst other things failing to make a Form 1040 tax form on his behalf.  We attacked that theory on the grounds that the Form 1040 violates the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA).  After trial, the government’s theory morphed to say that sufficient information from which a tax can be computed CONSTITUTES a tax return.  This is no valid excuse for my conviction and imprisonment, for many reasons.  A few, and only a few, are listed below.

1)  By federal law, I can’t access the tax information of another individual – that’s private and legally protected.

2)  Springer offered all this information on multiple occasions, invited them to assess a tax, whereupon he would litigate civilly.  Springer’s offers were rejected.  Government agents offered perjured testimony to persuade the grand jury that no “tax returns” had been tendered.

3)  The government collected the relevant information through normal channels – there was never any attempt to conceal or mislead the IRS.  If information sufficient to assess a tax is all that is required to constitute a tax return, the government already had it.

4)  I was duty bound as a lawyer to pay money out of my lawyer’s trust account, known as an “IOLTA account” to the party entitled to the money.  Nobody denies that Springer was entitled to the money, and that I was duty bound to pay the money over.  Now these legally and ethically required acts are assigned as good reason to imprison me for 15 years.

5)  The Form 1040 plainly and without any shadow of a doubt violates the PRA.  The General Accounting Office (GAO) said that was the case, in 2005.  Rather than comply with the PRA, the government chose to employ evasive tactics to prevent any judicial decision on the PRA.  Springer along brought three separate federal civil cases for the purpose of obtaining a decision.  None were decided on the merits.

The 10th Circuit in deciding Springer’s separate criminal appeal claimed that Springer had presented “no evidence” of a violation of the PRA.  This is insanity.  One, it is not a criminal defendant’s job to prove his own innocence – it is the government’s job to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.  Second, the GAO report amounts to a party admission of the fact that the Form 1040 does not comply with the PRA – the gold standard for proof in a court of law.  The government has no legitimate basis to deny the plain facts set forth by the GAO.  That’s why the government has been evading the question, with the assistance of a corrupt and dependent judiciary, since at least 2003.

6)  In response to an order for a bill of particulars, the government disclosed statutory authority which provided that a tax return must be made “when required by regulations.”  This establishes that the 10th Circuit’s claim that the PRA is inapplicable because the requirement to file a tax return is statutory only, amounts to nothing less than a judicial fraud.

7)  Switching from the Form 1040 theory to the “sufficient information” theory deprives me and Springer of the right to a “firm and fixed” indictment as guaranteed by the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution.

8)  On 7-13-2013, I asked the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for various items of information to which I am entitled, concerning the “sufficient information” return that is required of me.  He refused to acknowledge the request.  He has no right to do this.  A tax return, of any kind is an “information collection request.”  Any such “information collection request” is a public record to which citizens are fairly entitled.  It also must comply with the PRA, unless specifically exempted.

9)  The 10th Circuit panel claimed that the PRA might provide relief for “faulty information” provided in response to an information collection request that violates the PRA, but not for the complete failure to make the return.  On other cases, where a defendant has raised the issue as a defense to charges or a false tax return, or other allegedly improper response, the courts have taken the opposite position.  They have said that the citizen may claim relief for a total failure to respond, but not for a false statement on the form.

This last claim is beyond frivolous, and explains one reason why the 10th Circuit refused to allow oral argument.  If ever a man had provided “sufficient information” for the IRS to assess a tax, if it so chose, it was Lindsey Kent Springer.  Consider how many different ways this information was provided or tendered.  1)  Springer’s transactions had generated information returns to the IRS.  Springer never interfered with those or tried to prevent the IRS from getting them.  2)  Donna Meadors’ “promoter” investigation disclosed all this information and more.  3)  Springer offered no less than twice to provide this information, permit the IRS to assess, and litigate civilly, in 2006 and 2009.  The government rejected these offers both times.  4) The government seized records from Springer’s house, which necessarily amounted to a tax return as defined by the 10th Circuit.  5) The government subpoenaed bank, credit card, and other financial institution records related to Springer, to me, and to my wife Julie Stilley.  6)  The government caused a grand jury subpoena to be issued, demanding information from my IOLTA records, then withdrew the subpoena in embarrassment for having lied to me about the fact that I was under criminal investigation.

Now do you see why the US Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Prisons (DOJ-FBOP) refuses to consider my administrative appeal with respect to my claim of a right of reasonable access to the courts?  Now do you see why the IRS won’t respond to my letter of 7-13-2012, asking what information is required, in order to constitute a valid federal individual income tax return?  I’ve shown you just a sliver of the manifold reasons that our convictions and incarcerations are the result of a corrupt judiciary.  The DOJ is a hotbed of corruption and fraud.  They cannot afford to let their victims expose their dishonesty to the public.

Likewise, this explains why the IRS commissioner refuses to acknowledge my request for the “sufficient information” necessary to constitute a return.  The IRS necessarily has that information.  If the IRS lists the information that they need, they necessarily admit that they long ago ALREADY HAD A RETURN, as the 10th Circuit defines a return.  They establish that Brian Shern and other government witnesses committed flagrant, willful perjury in order to get the indictment (if indeed one was ever actually returned in accordance with applicable law and rules) and to get the conviction.

I’ve excoriated the trial judge, Stephen P. Friot, each and every judge in active service on the 10th Circuit, and all the US Supreme Court judges, in the book.  Every single one of them has made a mockery of due process and the rule of law.  They richly deserve the tongue lashing I gave them, and it will not be repeated here. Quite the contrary, I intend to defend them.  You should understand why.

We can’t afford the truth.  No, really, we can’t afford the truth.  The truth would require us to make massive adjustments to our lifestyles and belief systems.  We’d be enormously advantaged if we made those adjustments, the sooner the better.  But unless and until we do, we can’t afford the truth.  We depend for our way of life on a judicial system that is both willing and able to suppress the truth, with brutal efficiency.

In round numbers, the federal government collects 15% of GDP, spends 23%, and makes unfunded promises so large that it would take over 50% of GDP to ensure that the programs involved are actuarially sound.  That’s bad enough on the face of it, but the numbers are even more stark when one realizes that federal, state, and local government activities constitute over 40% of the US economy.   Paying for governmental promises as we go along, with any degree of honesty, would consume virtually all of the private economy.  This of course can’t happen, since the producer class must have something to live on, in order to generate any economic output at all.

Of the revenues of the federal government, about 6-8% of GDP comes from the individual income tax, and about 6% comes from payroll taxes, mainly for Social Security and Medicare.  Simple math establishes that every other tax, taken together, generates at best only a few percentage points of GDP.  Despite one of the highest corporate income rates in the world, the tax generates less than 3% of GDP, and probably cuts national GDP by more than 3%, based solely on the distortions caused by such a high tax upon the “privilege” of doing business as a corporation.

Of the 8% of GDP financed by the issuance of bonded indebtedness, well over 75% is financed by the printing press.  That’s nothing but a deceitful and ruinous method of borrowing money.  The injection of $85 billion into the economy, by the Federal Reserve, artificially inflates asset prices, while driving short term interests rates to near zero.   This is creating yet another bubble, which will most certainly burst.  If the federal government borrowed its money through any means approaching honesty, it would have to pay at least 6% over inflation.  Right now, the average cost of short term capital for the US federal government is far below the rate of inflation.  And formal federal indebtedness is increasingly “front loaded” with short term debt.  That cuts the cost of capital today, but guarantees pandemonium when the levee breaks.

The US individual income tax is no longer about revenue for operations.  At most the tax equals the level of current borrowings.  The income tax is necessary to delude investors into believing that US Treasury instruments will not default.

All the prognostications by politicians to the effect that the budget will require a deficit of “only” a few percentage points, ten years hence, while maintaining any semblance of the current set of federal programs, is a con game.  They might as well speculate about how many angels can dance upon the head of a pin.  Virtually nobody predicted our current federal deficit ten years ago.  The (relatively) rosy assumptions that call for a “low” deficit in ten years, while preserving current programs, are pipe dreams.  They simply aren’t going to happen.

If Judge Claire V. Eagan, Judge Stephen P. Friot, and the 10th Circuit speak the truth, the whole house of cards collapses.  Whereas the Holy Writ condemns usury, we’re neck deep in it.  We strangling on it.  We’ve sold our souls for it.  We trust it and feed it and protect it from exposure and retribution.  We put our faith in it, disregarding the words of Moses and Jesus.  We sacrifice our children to it.  We let our own central bank, the Federal Reserve, eclipse all other financial institutions put together, with its phony “profits” amassed from freshly printed cash.   We let our central government pollute and wreck the stability of most banks in the country with rotten, unpayable bonded indebtedness issued by a bankrupt US government.

We condition our children, indeed our entire society, to give the IRS whatever it demands.  The amounts and the details may be challenged, meekly.  The foundation of their authority to control – never!  We let the IRS utterly destroy dissidents, confiscating every source of sustenance of political dissidents and free thinkers.  For the most part, the rest of us will not only let them starve – we will criticize, marginalize, and ostracize them for challenging the authority of the central government.

Nobody in their right mind would pay 15.3% of their check for Social Security, Medicare, and related benefits, on the basis of full information and voluntary exchange.  If every penny promised by Social Security was certain to be paid, it would be a wretched investment.  And default on Social Security and Medicare is inevitable.  Only the time, manner, and means remain in doubt.

The bonded indebtedness of this country is approximately equal to 100% of GDP, growing at 8% or so annually.   The unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare amount to about 7 times GDP.  The great majority of the unfunded liabilities are for Medicare.  The demographics of the US are perfectly primed to flood both programs with new beneficiaries over the next two decades.

Everything we’ve been sold by our central government, for our economic security, depends upon lies, threats, deceit, and terror.  It depends upon the incarceration of dissidents and skeptics.  If even a small cohort of questioners defeat their fraudulent claims, the scam is seriously threatened.  If the judiciary adopts honesty as its policy, the house of cards collapses overnight.  Think about it.  Would you lend 8% of GDP to a government with vast liabilities, and less than 5% of GDP in legitimate receipts?  The only reason a sane person would do that is if they think they’re smart enough and quick enough to dump the rotten, worthless asset on someone more gullible than themselves, before default occurs.

One hundred years ago, the US was a colossus astride the globe.  Federal spending during peacetime was less than 3% of GDP.  Total governmental spending, at every level, was roughly 8% of GDP, or about one fifth of what it is today.  Today, despite the advent of huge advances in medicine, energy production, information, manufacturing, and materials technology, we stand at the brink of financial, economic, and social collapse.



The vast majority of modern Americans claim to love and trust Jesus.  But the truth of the matter is that we don’t live like Jesus at all.  Every major threat that faces America today is directly traceable to our disagreements with the teachings of Jesus.  Consider these.

1)   Jesus fasted.  We don’t.  At least 60% and probably 80% of all the medical costs of chronic diseases could be eliminated by a healthy lifestyle punctuated by periodic juice fasts.  Most Social Security disability cases would be miraculously cured by a healthy lifestyle including juice fasting.  Most of the “free” medicine bought by the federal government would be unnecessary if people fasted – with or without juice – and adopted a healthy lifestyle.

2)   Jesus made an intoxicant (wine) for his friends at a party.  Despite the disastrous experience with alcohol Prohibition, we have done the same thing with drugs.  The results of drug prohibition are no less devastating.  A black male born in the US this year is more likely to serve time in prison than to get a college degree.  The combination of “free” federal money and the drug war ensures that only 1 out of 3 black babies will have the benefit of two competent parents for their upbringing.

3)   Jesus taught love for enemies.  We spend $721 billion per year, (mid 2010 published figures) nearly 20 times the average of all the world’s nuclear powers.  If we satisfied ourselves with the average 2010 spending of all nuclear powers (a bit less than $40 billion per year) we’d save enough money to buy every family of 4 a new Honda Accord about every 3 years.  However, even if we cut our military budget to $40 billion or thereabouts, we’d still need to cut at least another $400 billion to balance the budget.

4)   Jesus taught forgiveness of others.  We have a 70% recidivism rate in federal prisons, primarily because we’re unwilling to forgive others and give them a chance to redeem themselves to full citizenship.  At the federal level, we provide enough prison space to reasonably incarcerate 3 times the world average, but lock up 5 times the world average.

5)   We have adopted a modern version of “Corban” as the centerpiece of our hopes of economic security in old age, and in cases of disability.  Jesus didn’t per se condemn plural marriage or slavery, but severely condemned “Corban,” which excused a child from supporting his own parents based upon the fact that the child’s money was given to the religious establishment.  Modern day Corban has concentrated power in Washington, which necessarily corrupts it.  That’s why Social Security and Medicaid have vast liabilities, no honest assets whatsoever, and yet maintain extremely high levels of public support.

So here’s the question I have for my fellow Americans.  Shall we insist on the continuance of a lifestyle that is dependent upon lies, intimidation, and fear, from our own government?

If so, then kill me.  Don’t criticize the people who make our central government handouts possible, while simultaneously giving your allegiance and political support to their perverse ideas and programs.  If the destruction of dissidents is necessary for a lifestyle that is non-negotiable to you, then destroy the political dissidents that stand in your way – starting with me.  You don’t have to do it yourself.  The government has plenty of people who will do it for you.  All you have to do is turn your head, and refrain from asking the hard questions.

This is not to say that you should immediately stop the receipt of all central government largesse.  A Ponzi scheme is not exposed for the fraud that it is, until enough people show up to claim their due.  Perhaps this is somewhat paradoxical, but think about this.  What bargaining chips will you hold in your hand, in negotiating for the return of honest, limited central government?

The people of the US have concentrated economic and political power in Washington, DC.  The concentration of power naturally corrupts it.  If we wish to return to the golden era of American greatness, we must decentralize, or devolve, power back to the states and to the people.

Would we refuse to care for our own parents, if we were relieved of the duty to turn over 15.3% of our wages to a bankrupt central government?  Would we disregard God’s law, and natural law, and basic humanity, and millennia of experience in societies around the world, so we could have just a bit more lavish lifestyle for ourselves?


Think about the demands made in this hunger strike.  Are they unreasonable?  Are they extreme?  Are they unfair?

1)  Is it unreasonable that I expect prison inmates to have some practical way of getting dental care sufficient to save salvageable teeth?

2)  Is it too much to ask that inmates get the opportunity to use UNICOR facilities, while paying full value for the use of the facilities?  UNICOR facilities around the country are being shut down.  I’m told that the facilities here are slated for shutdown as well.  Why can’t we use these valuable facilities to save our teeth?  If this is allowed we can save hundreds of millions for the taxpayers, while reducing recidivism and improving public safety in the process.

3)  Is it too much to ask for a fair and well reasoned decision on my administrative appeal regarding access to the courts?  A few days ago I filed a Regional APPEAL over a “shot” for possessing oranges and bran flakes.  I asked for an EXTENSION OF TIME to get the evidence against me.  That was rejected – I can’t get a decision on my due process claims.  I sent a (relatively) short LETTER to Senator Mark Pryor protesting that the government was spending at least $1,200 to avenge the loss of food that was going into the trash if I didn’t take it.

4)  Is it too much to ask that prison inmates be confronted with the evidence against them, in disciplinary matters?  I now have an APPEAL of another “shot” for allegedly kicking Lt. Sieja.  Virtually none of the legal rights set forth in the rules, favorable to prisoners, are enforced.

5)  Is it too much to ask for reasonable competence and honesty, in the operations of federal correctional facilities?  Is in too much to ask for honest and competent government generally?

This hunger strike is an opportunity, if that’s what we choose to make it.  There is nothing that I want more than the opportunity to show the people of the United States how to reduce the expected value of health care costs, for a 65 year old individual, by perhaps 3/4, while simultaneously effectuating a dramatic improvement in productivity and the quality of life.  What’s wrong with that?  I had the support of Dr. Piekar.  I can get the necessary political support, if the public speaks its mind with firmness and clarity.

Jesus gave us his mission statement.  Condensed, it was to give life more abundantly.  Expanded somewhat, his mission statement called for health and liberty for the people.  We’re losing both, and fast.  Who is wrong?  Is it God, or is it us who has made the error?

How can we utter the words from the Lord’s Prayer “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” and live life in such a way that we constantly drift away from making his will be done?  Even if we’re not ready to attain the highest level of health for others, couldn’t we enable that outcome for someone else?

You may ask “what should I do?”   I can’t necessarily tell you what to do, but think about this.  When 300,000 people signed a petition for a major bank to take off a $5 monthly charge, they took it off.  When 600,000 people signed a petition to obtain the prosecution of Mr. Zimmerman, in the Trayvon Martin case, charges were filed.  I’m not saying that the object of that petition was good or bad.  I’m saying that it brought action.

Then too think about this.  Job 42:10 (KJV) says “And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends.”  It’s not worded quite that way in the NKJV or the NIV.  But at least one group of translators thought this was an accurate translation of the text.  Job’s friends had said some rather harsh things about Job.

The book, as well as some of my other writings, contains some fairly iconoclastic ideas.  It took me a while to arrive at those conclusions.  You’re entitled to your own time and your own opportunity to ponder and consider what you will believe and what you will reject.

Pick your side.  Pick your team, and root for it.