I commenced a hunger strike on April 15, 2013. Part of my objective was to compel the IRS to respond to a letter inquiring as to my obligations with respect to the making of tax returns. The IRS responded to this letter. Further discussions will be necessary in order to clarify issues raised in their response.

I have filed a number of administrative requests since coming to prison. I’ve discovered that I get a response, of any kind, less than half the time. Most of my administrative requests are simply ignored. During efforts to dissuade me from commencing the hunger strike, I was told that I could sit down with a responsible and duly authorized officer (or officers) of the BOP, explore the possibilities, and obtain rulings on requests that I have presented.

The fundamental essence of due process is the right to be heard in a reasonable time and a reasonable manner. There is a value to due process even if the answer is “no.” During the hunger strike, I decided to try to get this prison to keep their word with respect to certain representations made to me on April 15, 2013. Thus far, this process has been commenced but not concluded. This blog post includes some information about this process. I hope to inform the public, via periodic postings to this blog, about further developments with respect to these discussions…

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