In this blog post I am setting forth a letter to the IRS, a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, and certain other documents. Based on the statements of the IRS, it cannot be rationally denied that perjured testimony was used to obtain guilty verdicts and a judgment of conviction, against Oscar Stilley and Lindsey Springer. Furthermore, it cannot rationally be denied that the lawyers involved in obtaining my incarceration know that their acts violate the rules of ethics, and require remedial action.

The issues go far beyond merely obtaining a release for me and Lindsey Springer. We’re entitled to that, certainly. But fraud, corruption, and cruelty toward inmates are now defacto policy of the US Department of Justice (DOJ). I’m asking that substantial corrective action be taken. At the very least, I intend to deny high level policy makers the “plausible deniability” that they seek with respect to the operations of the DOJ and its subsidiary the Federal Bureau of Prisons…

By this blog post I am announcing a major initiative, addressing multiple fronts.  The documents tell the story.  The layout is as follows:

1)   A Letter to Eric Holder-090513 asking for a “traditional trial” and “fair appeal.”  This letter includes a link to my “access to courts” administrative appeal, which also appears in the letter to Ms. Higley.

2)   A Letter to Denise Higley IRS-090513 which sets forth a prima facie case that the government presented perjury against me and Lindsey Springer in district court proceedings, before the jury and otherwise.  This letter includes a link to my letter to the IRS of 7-13-2012 and a link to the 4-25-2013 response from the IRS.

3)  A List of Admin & Trust Fund Requests for 052413 of 31 numbered administrative requests, followed by 17 numbered requests generally directed to the Education or “Trust Fund” operations of this prison.

4)  A request Informal Resolution-Incident 081513 for informal resolution on claims of racist policies in the US Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Prisons (DOJ-FBOP).

In addition, I have cover letters for

1)  JAY CARNEY Cover Letter to Carney White House Spokesman,

2)  CHARLES E. SAMUELS, JR. Cover Letter to Samuels Director of the DOJ-FBOP,

3)  THOMAS WOODWARD Cover Letter to Woodward US Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma,

4)  CHARLES O’REILLY AND ALEXANDER ROBBINS Email Cover to OReilly and Robbins email only.   Mr. O’Reilly was the lead prosecutor at District Court.  Mr. Robbins, Mr. Frank P. Cihlar, and Victor Davis appeared on the brief to the 10th Circuit.  I have asked Mr. O’Reilly to forward this information to Messrs. Cihlar and Davis, and also to send me their official email addresses.

These cover letters briefly explain to these officials the chief reasons that they have been copied on these letters.  The core issue presented in these letters is the fact that the IRS says that I don’t owe the government any income tax return information.  If that’s true, then the government presented perjured testimony to both the grand and petit juries, by telling them that Springer (and by extension Stilley) had NOT made tax returns and paid all taxes for which Springer was liable.

If that’s the case, the GOVERNMENT lawyers have a duty to inform the court of the perjury, and make amends.  That calls for an order of immediate release.  Perjury vitiates the verdicts and judgments thus obtained.  This perjury is not on an extraneous matter – it goes to the very heart of the criminal charges.

Some might ask why I am making a very public spectacle of a letter from the IRS telling me that I don’t owe them tax information.  Aren’t you afraid that they’ll change their mind?  Aren’t you afraid that they’ll come up with some information that you owe???!  Why must you look the gift horse in the mouth!

The IRS doesn’t have a good option.  They’ve painted themselves into a corner.  If they now change their minds and say that tax information is owed, the next question is “Why did you turn down Springer’s offer of all information necessary for an assessment?”  Furthermore, that’s a can of worms for them, because it forces them to list precisely the information to which they are entitled, and the statutory authorization for it.  This presents a challenge to a government that deliberately leaves citizen responsibilities vague and malleable, so as to use the threat of criminal charges to terrorize the people into surrendering information and money not required by law.

The IRS cannot effectively claim that I owe them tax return information PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAD ALL OF IT!!!.  They snubbed Springer’s offer and came to my house with a subpoena 4 days later.  They didn’t want “tax returns” (as that term is defined in the government’s post-trial theories) because they already had them, and had another offer to receive the “tax returns” yet again.

The government didn’t like the strict and literal interpretation involved in my response, so they secured and served another subpoena.  Soon thereafter, they were caught lying to me, and thus withdrew the subpoena.  That’s further proof that the investigators needed only to look in the mirror, if their goal was to find criminals.  We should not forget that these “law enforcers” stole $2,000 from Springer, and then successfully defended on the specious theory that they didn’t have reason to know that barging into someone’s house and stealing their property offends the constitution.

It is distinctly possible that some people will find fault with the breadth of issues raised in the recent set of letters.  In addition to a 6 page (Trulincs count, which is small print, wide margins) letter to Ms. Higley with the IRS, I also sent a 3 page letter to Eric Holder dealing primarily with the DOJ-FBOP’s denial of my right of reasonable access to the courts, a 3 page document concerning racial discrimination, and 5 pages of issues concerning the conditions of incarceration at this facility.

It is a fair question and perhaps even a fair criticism.  I agonized over the decision for a long time, and cannot say that I don’t have my doubts even today.  If you disagree with my strategic choices, please know that they weren’t easy for me either.

The DOJ-FBOP uses incarceration as a tool for wrecking the defensive abilities of their victims.  That’s not a legitimate use of incarceration, but it is de facto policy of the DOJ-FBOP.  The DOJ-FBOP has about 225,000 inmates.  Vast numbers of these persons have been unjustly convicted and incarcerated because they were cheated out of the tools necessary for their own defense, by lawless aspects of DOJ-FBOP incarceration.

Recently we’ve heard about Edward Snowden, who exposed the sneaky surveillance of the lives of Americans.  He was excoriated for it, and the powerbrokers of US politics bayed like a pack of hounds, demanding his head.  Of course they portrayed the National Security Administration (NSA) as an innocent victim, honorable civil servants protecting the public from those nasty “terrorists” in faraway lands.

The facts continue to come out.  The NSA spies on other countries, friend or foe.  Virtually nothing is considered “off limits.” Our government imposed a severe prison sentence on Jonathan Pollard, for spying for Israel.  Yet we do the very same thing, as official policy, against our own “allies” foolish enough to credit the US government with honor and decency.  What would we say if a foreign government snatched up a pack of NSA operatives and gave them all multi-decade prison sentences for spying on them?

Our government has portrayed itself as the innocent victim of computer hacking for advantage, committed by other national governments, or persons acting on their behalf.  Such hypocritical posturing is much more difficult to pull off now that the world knows that we do the same thing to others.  The spying extends even to heads of state and the diplomatic corps of other nations.  Our double standards and chicanery knows no bounds.

I’ve mentioned Edgar Steele in the letter to Holder.  The last I heard he was in protective custody, which for most purposes is the same as punitive detention, in Special Housing Unit, or SHU.  It looks, feels, and functions like jail.  I’ve been there long enough, on hunger strike.  Steele has been much more charitable than I would be, in assigning motives to his captors.  It’s THEIR job to keep him safe, and NOT by throwing him in SHU, where his communication abilities are essentially bombed back into the Stone Age.

The government spied on Steele’s conversations with his lawyers.  Any government with any commitment to honesty, or even one that cared substantially about public appearances would restore Steele’s liberty posthaste.  Apparently they have neither regard for the truth nor fear of public opinion.  His case was argued before the 9th Circuit panel long ago.

Now it appears that NSA intelligence is used by criminal investigators and prosecutors, who “sanitize” the information.  Federal prosecutors deceive criminal targets, judges, and juries, by making it appear that they commenced the prosecution based upon information from other sources.  If this is not the “police state” in action, what constitutes a “police state?”   Certainly the government, discovering through their information dragnet that someone is selling marijuana, can get testimony by the customary DOJ means, specifically extortion and bribery.  That’s the way they do business.  But it exposes the fact that the federal government’s prosecution strategies are altogether unhinged from the truth.  They target whoever they choose to target, and reliably get convictions regardless of the law or facts.  The story of DOJ prosecution is a story of lying and deceit in the practice of law.

Should I drop or defer my fight over the right to reasonable access to the courts?  The government makes a mockery of the case law on the subject, and of the right itself.  Should I concentrate on myself, and my own family, and not worry about 225,000 other persons, and their families?   I think not.  I think that I have the right and perhaps even a duty to confront senior government officials with the wrongdoing that continues on a daily basis, right under their noses.

Eric Holder’s litigation against banks and other business organizations on grounds of racial discrimination is the height of hypocrisy.  He is probably responsible for more abuse of racial minorities than any other single individual in the United States.  The welfare state, coupled with the wars on drugs and guns, have devastated black society.  Not only does Holder carry on the tradition of incarcerating blacks at some multiple of the rates of whites, he maintains prison conditions that would embarrass any responsible government official.

There is little connection with the picture that Holder paints, and the reality of incarceration in federal prisons.  He claims to imprison blacks for their own good, yet abuses them, deprives them of educational and other opportunities, and achieves one of the highest recidivism rates in the world.

Virtually everything that I see with my eyes paints of picture of an increasingly greedy, ineffective, and cruel federal “correctional system.”  Should I stop my ears to the plaintive cries for help, from kind and decent black men who have suffered years, even decades of abusive incarceration?  Faced with the choice, I’ve made the decision to speak up, to make my voice heard.

If litigation becomes necessary, I want to be able to show that I have given the government every reasonable opportunity to correct their wrongdoing.  I want to be able to show, both to the courts and to the public, that the unlawful policies spring from the top.  I want to show that the administrative remedy system is in fact a farce, in and of itself inconsistent with basic constitutional rights.

I am denied access to computer resources and the internet, which effectively denies me access to my court pleadings, cheating me out of due process.  When the IRS gave me a URL to their tax forms, they effectively gave me nothing – I won’t have access to the internet for 10 years, unless I fight for it.  This same denial renders education within federal prisons an expensive joke.  Federal prisons amount to a dysfunctional Keynesian stimulus package, providing lavish sinecures to psychopaths, thieves, and incompetents.  The federal correctional system causes far more crime than it prevents.

Feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.