I was in SHU from 2-18-2014 through 3-20-2014. I was put in SHU on the nominal grounds of “stealing” milk and apples. Of course, I didn’t steal anything. I only salvaged food that would otherwise go to waste. I went on hunger strike for the duration, eating only when I needed to eat to get out of SHU. The prison responded by taking all my clothes, leaving me only with a thin paper smock and two thin paper sheets against the cold.

I’m taking this as an opportunity to ask our new Warden, C. V. Rivera, to take a stand in favor of obedience to the law, and humanity to the prisoners in his custody. I’m not asking for more tax money – quite the contrary. I am asking him to give the inmates in his custody an opportunity to save millions of TAX DOLLARS, for your benefit. Just as importantly, I’m asking him to curtail the tragic waste of human potential that permeates the DOJ-FBOP. That will pay you huge dividends over time.

I’ve asked to be his slave for the achievement of these objectives. What I’m really saying is that I want to be YOUR slave – a slave of the American taxpayer. I’m willing to be somewhat aggressive to get the status. I’m asking that you lend your voice in support of my request.

I was locked up in SHU from 2-18-2014 through 3-20-2014. The offense? I was accused of “stealing” 5 pints of milk and 3 apples. Actually, all these milks and apples were given to me by other inmates, or salvaged from the tables. They were going to the trash if nobody took them.

I had absolutely no idea that I might go to SHU for this. I’ve done the same thing on a routine basis for a long time. Nearly all the time I get to keep the food. Occasionally I have to surrender the food or part of it.

I was exquisitely polite to the personnel. Please don’t think that I intentionally went to SHU over milk and apples. In fact, you can be sure that my trip to SHU was NOT about milk and apples. That was merely the excuse.

This corrupt folly cost the taxpayers perhaps $10,000. That’s your money, and the money they spent to punish me is just the tiniest sliver of the despicable fraud practiced upon you, at this prison alone. You pay for a taxpayer rip-off perpetrated on a routine basis by the US Department of Justice. If you don’t like it, then stop it. You can if you so decide.

Everybody associated with the charge of “theft” laid at my feet, is well aware that the accusation is pure, unadulterated poppycock. That’s why nobody wants to let me appeal it. They confiscated the “shot” (formal accusation) from me 3 days after initially giving it to me, (along with a radio, stamps, batteries, etc.) and refused to give me another copy until the day before the appeal was due at Regional offices in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Therefore I have submitted a Request for Informal Resolution. This is in fact a long document. For the length of it, I’m sorry on the one hand, and not sorry on the other. I’m sorry to go for so long without a blog post, and then to drop a document of such length into your lap. However, the matters discussed in the blog post truly need to be known, understood, and discussed by the American public.

We borrow vast sums to run the federal government – presently about $1.5 billion in net cash borrowings per day, according to the financial newspapers. Yet we have absolutely no credible plan to pay this money back. Every single plan put forth by the political establishment assumes that future generations will have the courage to do what we simply refuse to do at the present time. These plans assume that Americans of the future will live far below their productivity, to pay the bills for living far above our means today. In a word, it is the “let’s steal from the kids and grandkids” philosophy.

In fact what we’re doing today is defrauding gullible creditors. We have no honest or credible plan to repay the money. It is a game of musical chairs, that America seems intent on riding to the very end. The plan seems to be to steal everything not nailed down, and then scatter like rats leaving a sinking ship.

This is a tragic and unconscionable violation of the laws of God and man. “Defrauding” others is no more honorable than theft. Sometimes it is in fact a greater affront to the dignity of the Almighty – particularly when the defrauding parties appeal to “Christian principles” to demand that every member of society work diligently to make the fraud productive and effective.

I’ve volunteered to be the slave of Warden Rivera. Not his personal slave, of course, but rather a slave held in trust for the use and benefit of the American people – for YOU. I can give you millions of dollars of value, every year. But I can’t do that in the face of the cruel, perverse, utterly counterproductive correctional policies now enforced by the US DOJ-FBOP.

I need your help. Some will criticize me for picking a fight first and asking for help second. For this I make no apologies whatsoever. This appeal is directed to those who are willing to make their stand today. Remember Gideon? He first told those who were afraid to go home. Then he further thinned the ranks, before the attack on a ridiculously superior force.

If you’re afraid for yourself, go in peace. If you’re afraid for my safety, go in peace. If you don’t have time or energy to impose discipline on your own government, go in peace. If you don’t like my tactics or strategies, go in peace – or give me a strategy that will work. I have no time for timidity and half measures, but I will listen to counsel of anyone who thinks they have a better way TO WIN.

Don’t make me feel guilty about my choices, and I won’t lay a guilt trip on you for yours. I say this respectfully and mean it most sincerely. I don’t see where Gideon or his men mocked those who were afraid. I’m not trying to alienate friends or run off spectators. If I’m not offering value to you today, please just keep an open mind and a live RSS feed. :-):-):-) You owe me nothing. I desire from you NOTHING WHATSOEVER unless it comes from your heart and your own free will.

Jesus said He would repay those who left home and family for him, 100 times over, IN THIS LIFE, and give eternal life in the hereafter. Mark 10:29 Don’t forget the parenthetical (with persecutions) – that just kind of goes with the territory.   I’m kind of broke, but Jesus promised to pay. If His credit’s good, I’d like to charge YOUR HELP up to HIS ACCOUNT.

So you don’t want to leave home and family for Him?   He said He would not fail to reward a cup of cold water. Mark 9:41 What do you think has more value – a phone call or email, or a cup of cold water? Try hiring a lawyer to make the phone call or draft the email – you’ll certainly see which costs more in our contemporary society.

If the counsel of Jesus to love your enemies has worth, this is a golden opportunity. If Jesus’ directive that we visit those in prison has meaning, this is the time to visit not only Oscar Stilley (my visitation privileges are suspended until June) but also to “visit” the most despised and downtrodden members of our society. It is not technically and literally a physical visit that I need. I need my friends to make it clear that they know what is going on, and that they will not tolerate the abuse of federal prisoners – especially when that abuse also impoverishes the taxpayers and cheats the holders of Treasury debt.

You’ll better understand what I’m saying in the foregoing paragraph, when you read the words I have to say in the REQUEST FOR INFORMAL RESOLUTION (see below).  In actuality, that document is directed to the American public as much as it is directed to Warden Rivera and Ms. Ward. I have included links in the document, so you can see the words whereby I was accused of “stealing” and also the findings of the Disciplinary Hearing Officer, (DHO) Ms. Ward. I have also submitted to Ms. Ward a short MOTION (see below), requesting 1) judgment as a matter of law, or, 2) a 30 day extension of time to file my appeal.

Please keep a record of your efforts. I know that this prison has in the past had a nasty habit of refusing to take phone calls – even from lawyers. If you get a good phone number, tell your friends on this blog. You can make a note. If you get a good email address, tell your friends. It is equally important to document calls not answered. You need to paint the true picture, the reality of the responsiveness or non-responsiveness of the DOJ-FBOP, its prisons, and its officials. That involves developing a sufficiently accurate and complete record, to show the true pattern and practice.

Develop the means of communicating with public officials. You should know the practical realities of contacting officials in this chain of command:

1)         Warden C. V. Rivera

2)         Regional Director R. A. Keller

3)         DOJ-FBOP National Director Charles E. Samuels, Jr.

4)         US Attorney General Eric Holder

5)         President Obama

Separate of this chain of command, the legislative branch has a duty to control the executive branch, through the power of the purse as well as the power of legislation. You should know:

1)         Your own US Representative. You get to vote on this office every 2 years. The 2014 primaries are DEAD AHEAD!!!

2)         All challengers, credible or not, to the office of Representative. ESPECIALLY IN AN ELECTION YEAR!

3)         Both your Senators. They’re elected on for 6 year terms, staggered so that about 1/3 of senate seats are on the ballot in any given election year.

4)         All challengers, credible or not, to a Senator, when that senate seat is on the ballot, from the first of the year until November in which the election is held.

Nobody can do all the work; nobody SHOULD do all the work. Divvy the work up, share the results, and recruit allies and friends. DON’T RE-INVENT THE WHEEL OR WASTE TIME – MAKE SURE THAT YOUR VALUABLE INFO IS AVAILABLE TO THE NEXT PERSON. Delicately slam any official who won’t take phone calls, emails, or faxes. They OWE you reasonable lines of communication. You CAN make things happen, if you work together with like minded individuals in an intelligent and co-coordinated way.

Good things are happening, and they will continue to happen, if the people make their voices heard. The US Sentencing Commission just enacted a 2 point reduction for all drug offenders. It will probably be made retroactive. This is desperately needed but highly inadequate. We need far deeper sentence reductions, particularly those tied to good behavior including but not limited to improvements in personal health, and educational achievement.

I plan to make a form letter available from here, in the near future. I hope to get my friends and family to sign it, and also to pass the URL on to their friends, family, and acquaintances, by every practical means.

I value your opinions and feedback. Don’t hesitate to communicate with me. I speak frankly and invite you to do the same. My mother’s email is: elizastilley@gmail.com, which provides quick and easy communication. Mommas always love their babies – even when they’re 50 years old. :-):-):-) Snail mail is: Oscar Stilley, 10579-062, FCC Forrest City Low, PO 9000, Forrest City, AR 72336-9000.

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Discipline Hearing Officer Report-021814

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