It’s been three years since the American Correctional Association (ACA) came, in midsummer 2011, to accredit the Forrest City Federal Prison complex.  ACA’s efforts did not improve the operations of this prison.  ACA has done nothing but lend a veneer of undeserved legitimacy to a nest of incompetence and corruption.

This blog post sets up certain requests from me to the ACA, to my friends, and to the public.  The last time, I secured a copy of the ACA standards, prepared a list of the worst transgressions, and submitted it to the ACA inspectors.  It did virtually no good.  The same evils are present, in many cases magnified.  In fact, I’ll be working from the same document, and asking my friends on the street to support and defend me in my effort.  However, I do have a number of new tools, that should make my efforts much more productive this time around…

Three years have elapsed since the original American Correctional Association audit, which granted accreditation to this prison.  The accreditation was a farce – this prison does not come close to meeting ACA standards.  This prison administration will not make a “substantial effort” to meet ACA standards.

This prison gets accredited nonetheless.  But it won’t happen again “without your permission.”

In 3 years, I haven’t been able to get a copy of the statistics, reports, plans of action, findings, and conclusions from last time.  They’re ashamed of them.  Everyone involved knows that they’re either a work of fiction, a damning indictment of the operation of this prison, or some combination thereof.  So the ACA directs persons seeking their accreditation report to the Department of Justice (DOJ) which runs this prison, by and through its subsidiary the Federal Bureau of Prisons (DOJ-FBOP).  The DOJ-FBOP refused to acknowledge any of three requests that I caused to be made to them, by my friends in the free world.

Herewith please find a LETTER (posted below) that I have written to the ACA.  The letter is, in substance, the blog post.  The letter is addressed to the ACA, but it is the ordinary citizen, reading this blog, that I am really trying to influence.

Why?  Because they pay attention to you but not to me.  I’m inventory – you’re human.  I’m disenfranchised – you still have the vote.  You can shine the disinfectant of sunlight on their activities – I can do virtually nothing without your help.  Your criticism, any notoriety that you can get, any complaints that you can get at the present time, make a big difference.  The ACA in their written material says:


The accreditation process will include a compliance tally.  Insufficient standards and expected practices, and inadequate plans of action, are sufficient to deny accreditation.  “Candidate Status” may be extended if the agency is actively pursuing compliance.  “Totality of compliance” is the key consideration.  “The ACA may require the agency to submit written responses to public criticism, notoriety, or patterns of complaints.”  The reasonableness of the ACA standards is not open to question, as a basis for reconsideration of an adverse decision.


(Emphasis added)

You can help me.  I can’t help myself.  But if you’ll help me today, I can and will do a lot of good for you tomorrow.  I need you to help enable me, so I can work to make this a functional correctional facility.

Their email is, their phone is 703.224.0000.   I’m asking you to call this number, and ask ACA to make sure that their standards all met, unless there is some powerful reason for not requiring compliance.   Send an email, if you like.  If you’re ambitious, do both.

My key goal is not the prevention of renewed accreditation.  That would be a herculean feat.  I’m trying to force this prison to take meaningful corrective action as a “prerequisite” of renewed accreditation.  Now that the prison has been accredited in the past, it will likely be a newsworthy item if their accreditation is delayed or denied.

Have you ever seen a housecat arch his back and hiss at a dog?  The cat is trying to make himself appear as formidable as possible.  If he wanted a fight he could get it by immediately launching himself into the dog with teeth and claws flying.  He wants to dissuade the dog from attack.  The cat is trying to convince the dog that the cost-benefit analysis is weighted against the initiation of violence against the cat.

Same for me.  I’m trying to break up the criminal racket operated by the incompetent corruptionists running this prison.  I’ve never seen gangsters and thieves who took kindly to interference with their business.  I don’t expect them to like it this time.  The DOJ-FBOP has already shipped my co-defendant Lindsey Kent Springer 500 miles away from his home and children, and imposed other severe punishments, for far less than what I’m doing right now.

They like to use Special Housing Unit (SHU, or jail for the prison), “diesel therapy” (transfers from one prison to another) and other means to break up legal efforts to expose their crimes and incompetence.  I’m just trying to do what the cat does – make the cost-benefit analysis for a lawless assault upon me as unfavorable as possible.

Read the letter to understand how I’m arching my back.  I’m giving you the tools to defend me.

If you’ve ever told me “Let me know if I can help you,” this is the time.  I need your help now.  The ACA will count the calls and emails – informally at least.  They will gauge my public support and react accordingly.

In addition to contacting ACA, please get the word out to others to do the same.  Get as many sign-ups to the RSS feed to this blog as you can.  Make connections to the family and friends of other federal prisoners.   Spread the word.  Publicity is the best cure for government evils.  They’re afraid of it, and it is my best defense.

The submission that I submitted to the Education Department, and included with the letter to the ACA, can be viewed below.  The letter to ACA, and the submission to Education, is intended to be part of one package of documents.

Letter to ACA-050414

Programming Suggestions-052114