Oscar Stilley has filed a Petition for Clemency, Pardon, etc., a copy of which is made available from this blog post.  This Petition assigns reasons applicable to the federal prison population generally, as well as personal reasons.  He does not admit guilt or beg for mercy.  Rather, he denies all guilt and assigns the denial of due process as just one of many reasons to grant clemency or pardon.

In addition to the Petition for Clemency, a cop-out (written request to staff) concerning food has also been attached.  The precipitating event was the seizure of his french fries by prison staff, forcing him to throw away his food.  However, Stilley took the opportunity to address broader issues with respect to food in federal prisons.I recently submitted a REQUEST for clemency as well as pardon on grounds of innocence, etc.  I hope you’ll read it, or at least “read at it.”  If you don’t have time to read it all, perhaps you could read a little and come back to it later.  Either way, you might perhaps see fit to send a link to this petition to others that you think would be interested.

The petition sets forth some of the reasons that my “trial” was in fact a travesty of justice.  These deprivations of due process have been perpetuated to this very day, despite my best efforts to be heard in a reasonable time and a reasonable manner.  I am confident that if I am ever accorded the process TO WHICH I AM DUE UNDER THE LAW, I would get my entire conviction overturned.

What is clemency?  Clemency is very different from a pardon.  Pardon can easily involve the complete forgiveness of a crime, at any stage of the proceedings.  Pardons can be specific, as in the case of Richard Nixon, or general, as is often the case in dealing with a rebellion.  Pardon can happen many years after incarceration is concluded, or (as in the case of Nixon) prior to investigation or criminal charges.

Clemency is commonly and correctly understood as “lightening up” on the offender.  The beneficiary of a clemency is still deemed an offender.  The felony record remains.  They just didn’t suffer the punishment to its full severity and harshness.

My petition explains some facts showing that our criminal justice system has disregarded the mandates of Congress, to impose draconian punishments beyond even the capacity of our own bloated prison-industrial complex.  We have enough prison capacity to incarcerate at rates about TRIPLE that of an average modern, industrialized nation.  Yet we incarcerate at a rate about FIVE TIMES the average modern, industrialized nation.  How can this be?  Only by overcrowding, in defiance of the Congressional mandate set forth at 28 USC 944 (g), which says that the Sentencing Guidelines should be matched to the available resources.

I am confined at Oakdale-1.  Our design maximum capacity is approximately 640.  How do I know?  Everything in this prison is sized for that number of inmates, considering the requirements of the American Correctional Association (ACA) Standards and Expected Practices set forth in the Standards for Adult Correctional Institutions, 4th Edition.  For example, the ACA requires 1 shower for every 8 inmates.  We have 10 showers in each of 8 housing units.  Eighty showers times 8 inmates per shower is 640 inmates.  We actually have 82 one man cells in my housing unit, which implies an actual maximum capacity of 656.  Everything else is perfectly proportioned for about 640 to 660 inmates.

Oakdale-1 now has between 1,200 and 1,300 inmates.  What’s worse, we just got all our dayrooms filled up with bunks.  They’re all empty now, but that indicates an intention to go from about 200% of capacity to perhaps 250% of capacity, or even more.

Perhaps it is not time for me to leave prison by way of clemency.  I’ve expressly conceded that possibility in my petition.  But am I not entitled to the space required by the ACA?  Am not I entitled to the resources required by the ACA?   How about food?  When I got to Oakdale-1, I read the following in the Inmate Handbook, published 2-24-14:

[indent this if you can, otherwise can you otherwise differentiate it as a quotation, perhaps by changing color or underlining?]  FOOD SERVICE BUDGET – The Food Service Department is budgeted on a per capita basis.  This means we receive a fixed sum of money to feed each man for one day.  Here at FCI Oakdale, we receive TWO DOLLARS and NINETY CENTS to feed each man three meals a day and to buy all of our non-edibles such as cups, spoons, plates, mops, etc.  WHICH MEANS THAT WHATEVER IS BEING SERVED HERE IS ALSO BEING SERVED NATION WIDE.  This is not much money to run a Food Service operation.  It is up to each of you Individually, as to what kind of Food Service Program we have.  For example, many inmates come through the line and take much more food than they can eat, because they think that it hurts the “establishment.”  In fact, they are only hurting themselves and other inmates.  The more money we spend on food that is being thrown away, the less we have for special items such as ice cream, steaks, etc.  It takes all of us working together the generate the extras that we all want to see.  Please help yourself, by helping us trim the needless waste that occurs daily.

Ask anybody who knows Oscar.  When I complain about the food, it’s bad.  I have a well deserved reputation for having a cast iron stomach.  I can eat just about anything, and I will.

I’m complaining about the food.  See the attached COP-OUT (Request to Staff) in which I explain what’s wrong with our current situation with respect to food.

When I was on the street I would buy 10 pounds of chicken legs and thighs, and grill them on a Big Green Egg, AKA the best charcoal grill ever devised by the human mind.  A ten pound bag had about 10 pieces and cost $5, which means that a nice big juicy piece of chicken cost 50 cents.  I can smell the grilled chicken just thinking about it.

We used to get a nice big leg & thigh of chicken every Thursday.  We got real, hand made hamburger patties on Wednesday, loaded with pickles and onions,  with a thick slice of cheese and lots of delicious fries.  If you go back far enough, the DOJ-FBOP served real strawberries, blueberries, salads worthy of the name, and other healthy items – as much as we wanted.

Now they don’t want to give us any of that.  I don’t know where they find such small leg and thigh pieces.  They begrudge us the few extra pennies it costs to get a normal size piece of chicken.  They begrudge us a slice of cheese with the Wednesday hamburger.  The open food bar is long gone, victim of unbridled greed.  Servings of vegetables are often tiny.  Sweet potatoes are cheap, but Irish potatoes are even cheaper.  So they mix the two together, and ruin both.  THEY JUST DON’T GO TOGETHER!!!  They serve turkey patties so wretched they make me physically ill.   All this is done to “save” a few more pennies per inmate per day, all for DOJ-FBOP political hacks to steal.  At the present time I doubt they spend $2 per inmate per day for food.

It is utterly impossible to make up for the lack of healthy food in chow hall, from the commissary.  Our only choice for “cheese” on commissary is an imitation mozzarella that costs $5.60 per pound.  Both the choice and the price are only explainable by graft and corruption.  This country is awash in surplus cheese, and I can’t buy a natural brick cheese fit to eat, of any kind, at any price.  Real, natural cheese can be “stolen” but not purchased honestly.  Ditto for virtually every other healthy snack you can imagine.

You can see from language in the Inmate Handbook that we had a food bar as of 2-24-14.  I heartily agree with the writer, that food waste should be minimized.  But the way to do that is to assure the inmates in writing that all the allotted money will be spent, and that ALL leftover funds will go for real pizza with real ingredients, or watermelon, or something else that we love.  If we all know that food waste amounts to wasting our favorite food, AND THE FAVORITE FOOD ACTUALLY COMES, on a regular basis (such as weekly) we won’t have much food waste.

You’re probably asking how anyone can feed an adult male on $2.90 per day.  Actually, we ate fairly well on that budget.  Here are some of the contributing factors.

The DOJ-FBOP needs 5 tractor trailer loads of chicken legs & thighs in order to give each inmate one piece, and that’s just one entree for one meal.  Everything is bought in bulk.  Furthermore, the DOJ-FBOP is always on the lookout for overturned trucks, out of date food, and just about any other “distressed” food product you can imagine.  That’s fine with me.  Some of the food is marked “not for human consumption.”  I so TOTALLY DON’T CARE!  It matters to me whether or not the food is ACTUALLY fit for human consumption, NOT what’s marked on the packaging.  Distressed food lets us have a fighting chance to get enough food that’s ACTUALLY fit to eat, on a daily food budget that wouldn’t buy lunch on the street.

The DOJ-FBOP produces its own milk using inmate slave labor.  They even have their own inmate drivers to drive the trucks that haul their products around the country.  The Program Statements call for pay ranging from 12 to 40 cents per hour – which they pay if they feel like it.  Wages are routinely kept back by fraud – I’ve been stiffed out of a year’s wages at Oakdale alone.  I don’t know who gets the butterfat on the DOJ-FBOP plantation, but I know that we the inmates aren’t getting it.  I’ve NEVER gotten a pat of real butter in prison.  Most of the milk we get is low-fat.  The separated milk-fat has to be going somewhere.

I wish a dairy industry trade group would raise a stink until the DOJ-FBOP agrees not to sell any dairy products onto the open market, and also agrees to buy as much natural cheese, butter, yoghurt, etc., as the inmates care to eat.  We need all the milk we produce.  We should get every product from that operation.  Why should we be denied what we work for and produce, just because it’s good?

Don’t believe a word of it when they claim they need to save money.  Denying us adequate food is the product of an ongoing orgy of graft, corruption, greed, and the most abject laziness imaginable.  If DOJ-FBOP personnel weren’t totally committed to getting paid for DOING NOTHING, they could let camp inmates (“out custody” inmates who aren’t behind fences) do migrant field labor.  I suggest dividing half the contract price amongst the inmate workers, with the other half of the contract price taken “in kind” as food for inmates.  For example, misshapen watermelons are much cheaper than perfect melons.  We can take those at a discount and cut out the bad parts.  Inmates would be lined up to get the work.

This prison is going to get a windfall of $9-12 million per year, for the 3-400 additional inmates that have already begun to stream into this prison.  The published average cost of incarceration is over $29,000 per year, but virtually none of that is for us.  Nearly every additional dollar this prison gets is to be part of a “free for all” of greedy palms grabbing for more grease.

Oakdale-1 hasn’t had replacement boxer shorts and t-shirts for months.  They used inmate slave labor to cut the warm liners and the hoods out of our coats, cut the zippers out of most of them, and otherwise butcher our winter coats.  If inmates decided to do that to their coat they’d probably get a “shot” for destruction of government property.  They threaten shake-downs (mass searches and seizures) and 200 series “shots” if we won’t “voluntarily” give up the blankets we need to stay warm at night.  Standard punishment for a 200 series “shot” is loss of 27 days good time, 15-30 days in SHU, and loss of privileges such as phone, email, Trulincs, and visitation – usually about 3 out of the 4 “privileges,” for up to 6 months.  Wednesday morning (11-2-16) they took all but one thin blanket off my bed.  I can’t stay warm with one blanket, summer or winter.  Its worse yet for my cellmate, who is very thin and had a hard time staying warm even before the food cutbacks and blanket grabbing.

Does this help explain why I’m asking you to lighten up on me?  You hire Congress and the President, they hire the people who run the DOJ-FBOP.  If another $9-12 million is to be lavished on this prison administration, why shouldn’t you ask YOUR SERVANTS to spend enough for us to get healthy food, decent clothes, bedding, toilet paper (really!) full length toilet stalls, etc.  LIGHTEN UP ON ME!

Yashua the Messiah compared visiting someone in prison with visiting Yashua himself.  Furthermore, he said that one who gave one of his followers a cup of cold water, because they were a follower of Yashua, that person would not lose their reward.

I’m not suggesting that anyone spend 16 hours on the road to get their fair share of abuse from surly prison guards, to spend 3-4 hours in a bleak concrete room visiting me personally.  That’s just crazy!  After all, it was none other than OSCAR AMOS STILLEY FROM FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS, who got himself transferred to Jokedale-1 by helping lots of other inmates with tort claims, thus offending the powers that be.  And it is Oscar who even to this day refuses to cease and desist from such activities, or try to hide the fact that he does such things.

A phone call or an email, to the DOJ-FBOP, or to members of their Congressional delegation, or other decision-makers, would be nice, if the spirit moves you.  Think about it, decide for yourself.

Honestly, it’s very hard to do anyway, and its harder still to get any results.  DOJ-FBOP powerbrokers don’t want to lighten up on anyone, especially not Oscar.  So why don’t we be like the fox in Aesop’s “The fox and the grapes,” and declare the grapes to be sour anyway?  Perhaps it would be best to ask for a little help of a different sort to accomplish a different result.

Kill Oscar.

You read that right – I said it.  Kill Oscar.  I need a few, and only a few, very special people to ask the powers that be for a little help to kill Oscar.  I’ve tried for a long time to get a basic respect for my humanity, and the humanity of my fellow inmates.  I haven’t had much luck.  So what’s to lose?

I recently read in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette about an attempt to expedite some US Supreme Court litigation over pharmaceuticals used by the Arkansas prison system, to administer the death penalty.  It seems that a decision is needed by January 1, 2017, because after that some of the drugs will be “out of date.”  Apparently the delicate sensibilities of Arkansas prison authorities prevent them from using recently expired drugs, for terminating lives.

How quaint!  The DOJ-FBOP doesn’t want to buy anything for inmates UNLESS its expired, stale, off brand, damaged, or otherwise distressed goods.  This creates the perfect opportunity for a deal that benefits everyone.  Fat chance this litigation will be over by 1-1-2017!   Smart money says Arkansas is going to have some slightly out of date pharmaceuticals, doubtless available at a discount.

Ok, you probably can’t get through to any responsible personnel at Oakdale-1.  Their switchboard is 318.335.4070.  Try this number just enough to know what happens when you call it.  If you do by some miracle get through, ask for verification if the following is the email for Warden Clarence Johnson’s Executive Assistant.  I think it is Oak1/execassistant@bop.gov, or something close.  South Central Regional Director J. A. Keller can be reached at scro/execassistant@bop.gov.  I think they all follow the same pattern.  I think sometimes they have addresses with a tilda in it, like this:  Oak1/execassistant~@bop.gov. Try first one thing and another, and always ask for a delivery and read receipt.  Try to figure out the pattern and you can contact any of them.  Post a comment to the blog to help others.  Keep in mind the chain of command: Warden, Regional, Central Office, and finally Congressional delegation – those for whom your vote counts.  You CAN get through to SOMEONE.

Try to get a good email if you don’t have it, BEFORE you state the main purpose of your call.  They might hang up on you, mistakenly concluding that yours is a prank call.  They might not want to talk to you about it.  You need to have a way to supply your thoughts to decision-makers reliably, promptly, and in writing, requesting a written answer.

Ask them if they’d be interested in buying some slightly stale drugs from Arkansas to kill Oscar Stilley.  If they protest that my Judgment and Commitment Order doesn’t include any authorization to kill Oscar, that’s the perfect opening for the next question.  Ask them where in the Judgment and Commitment order they got permission to do any of the following things to me:

1)   Deny me routine dental care for a solid DECADE PLUS.  I’ve lost one of my upper right (my perspective) molars on one side of my mouth, and a molar on the upper left has recently become cold sensitive and probably needs a crown, and I need a repair to the bottom left to make it mesh correctly with the top.  I can’t get routine dental care in any way, at any price.

2)   Deny me food that I need to maintain good health, do kidney cleanses, etc.

3)   Deny me a mattress of the quality used at the Oklahoma City Transfer Center.  No amount of back pain allows an inmate to get decent bedding, at any price.

4)   Deny me access to my legal record and my OWN high quality subscription to Lexis-Nexis and relevant versions of the US Code of Federal Regulations online (free from a major university) and other online legal resources, which are INDISPENSABLE to my ONE DIRECT APPEAL, to which the law gives me entitlement.  I ask NOTHING from the DOJ-FBOP – I only ask that they quit obstructing my access to MY OWN PROPERTY AND RIGHTS TO PROPERTY needed for due process.

5)   Deny me access to computers they’ve had on pallets for 3 years bought WITH YOUR MONEY, specifically for use by inmates in the housing units.

Some will insist that this plan is defeatist and a bad idea and no more attainable that any of Oscar’s other lofty ambitions backed by meager resources.  Let’s examine the probable objections, and see if any of them hold water.

Some will say that this is suicidal and thus sinful.  Haven’t we all heard preachers quote the Apostle Paul as saying “to live is Christ, [actually Messiah] to die is gain?”  Do you really want to deprive me of “gain?”  I’m 53 years old and will almost certainly depart this life within the next 50 years anyway.  Where would you like to spend time?  On streets of gold, or in a federal prison?  Will I really offend the Creator by suggesting that prisoners should either be treated like a human beings or be killed?  If they take me up on the offer, is that really suicide?  Will I be turned away from the Pearly Gates because I ran my mouth, and got what I asked for?

Some will say that a death wish is conclusive evidence of insanity.  Victor Thorn was a very prolific and successful writer, not in prison, about my age, apparently with everything to live for.  Earlier this year he climbed a mountain and committed suicide, at the time and place of his own choosing.  It appears that he had planned this act for many years.  Nearly everyone condemned his decision, but I doubt that a psychologist would say that he was insane or mentally ill.

Some will say that my children need me.  Really?  Why then do you the taxpayers by your silence deprive thousands of inmates of access to videophone despite the fact that computers were bought FOR THAT VERY PURPOSE about 3 years ago?  This devastates literally thousands of children who would like to see a smile on their daddy’s face.  How can we so callously crush the hopes and dreams of so many innocent children?  Does the fact that this abuse is PASSIVELY ENABLED by the same people who claim “your children need you” excuse the cruelty?

The Germans are criticized fully 3 generations later for not restraining their National Socialist government.  What excuses Americans from any duty to restrain the abuses of their own government?  YOU the taxpayers bought these computers, and YOU the taxpayers are being cheated out of the use of them.  Are we so afraid of our own government that we are afraid to ask them to follow THEIR OWN RULES?  My children will be grown when I get out of prison.

Some will insist that I am human and shouldn’t be deprived of life without the judgment of my peers.  But doesn’t that prove too much?  The American Correctional Association created Standards and Expected Practices.  Those entitle me to certain minimums NOT on the assumption that I’m good, BUT RATHER on the basis of my STATUS as a human being.  If we respect the “line in the sand” that THEY set, I’m entitled to 25 square feet of unencumbered personal space.

Is this too much space?  The Standards and Expected Practices can be changed and they have been changed.  For example, the old Expected Practice was 35 square feet of unencumbered personal space per inmate.  The ACA changed that to 25 square feet, clearly a cost saving measure.  Why then am I allocated half that amount, sometimes much less?

If the rules are bad why aren’t they changed?  If the rules are good why aren’t they obeyed?   What’s the difference between the rules that says I should not be killed extrajudicially, and the rules that say I get humane treatment in prison?

I can help.  It will probably take a smaller dose of lethal drugs if I reduce my blood sugar to less than 50.  I did that when they tossed me in SHU this summer, persecuting me for keeping Yahweh’s Sabbath.  Also, the lethal dosage presumably goes down with body weight.  With a little time on hunger strike, I could get my weight down from 170 to perhaps 140 or thereabouts.  With a combination of reduced body weight and low blood sugar, it might well be possible to enable my departure from this life using half the normal drug quantity.

Two for the price of one!  What a bargain!  And you know the DOJ-FBOP is always on the lookout for a bargain.

Remember that kidney I offered to donate in a recent blog post, in exchange for basic humanity?  Make that two!  I won’t be needing the other one.  Matter of fact I won’t be needing any of my body parts, so we can line up recipients for my heart, eyes, bones, ligaments – everything.  Part me out!!!

Don’t believe a word of the “we can’t do it now” sob story line.  The DOJ-FBOP has had truckloads of ankle bracelets for literally years, bought specifically to put inmates on home confinement.  They could thin the population of this prison down to 650 by the end of the month if they chose so to do.  The honorable choice is rejected not because of any commitment to the rule of law, but rather because the DOJ crime family is addicted to racketeering, corruption, and filthy lucre.

I’m like all the other prisoners at Oakdale-1.  I’m a number (10579-062) and a source of money to embezzle and steal and channel to cronies and brothers-in-law.  Nothing more, nothing less.  So don’t think of this as helping to kill a human being.  Think of this as helping to provide the final solution with respect to an ECONOMIC LIABILITY to the taxpayers.

Are you better off because I’m denied humane treatment?  Are you better off because petty purveyors of recreational chemicals are sentenced to 30 years in federal prison?  Most of these draconian sentences are the result of “ghost dope,”  extorted testimony, extorted guilty pleas, “bait and switch” frauds, presentence reports that are works of fiction, etc.

One of my best friends at Forrest City Low was sentenced to LIFE on a GUILTY PLEA!  It was later cut to 30 years.  Did you suffer because his life sentence became 30 years?  No, you didn’t even know about it.  Nor will you suffer if the plan that I proposed in my petition for clemency is effectuated.  If the “points” for all inmates are cut sufficiently to get ALL federal prisons down to design max or less, YOU WON’T EVEN NOTICE!  Actually, you will benefit, substantially.  You will spend less money on utterly corrupt and fraudulent “corrections.”

A basic principle is at stake here.  Machiavelli counseled that enemies should either be destroyed or won with benefits.  He was right.  When society passes criminal judgment, it should decide whether to kill, or to spare the life of the prisoner in the dock.  Persons beyond redemption should be expeditiously killed; everyone else should be rehabilitated, corrected, molded and shaped into a worthwhile member of society.  It is dangerous folly to spare the life of a criminal, and then deny that criminal the opportunity to rise to the level of his own competence and ambition.

The DOJ-FBOP achieves a recidivism rate of some 45-70% not IN SPITE OF but rather BECAUSE of its cruelty, inhumanity, and overcrowding.  Competent correctional systems have demonstrated the ability to achieve recidivism rates of about 3% to 10%.  The DOJ-FBOP knows about these systems but refuses to contract with them, since competence exposes incompetence for what it really is.  Until the population of federal prisons falls to design max, or (preferably) to no more than 80-90% of design max, the American public will continue to spend money for the very opposite of the rational objective of a correctional system.

So – what’s the word?  Are you ready to “lighten up” on your incarcerated fellow Americans?  If so I hope you’ll speak your mind.  Thanks for listening and making your voice heard, even if its nothing more than an email to a few friends with a link to this blog.